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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Former R & B Divas Star Nicci Gilbert Sues TV One Over New Spin Off

Nicci Gilbert Files Lawsuit

Realty:  Former R&B Divas star Nicci Gilbert is suing TV ONE over a new spin off show with her and Faith Evans who both left the show after season 2. 

According to, Nicci Gilbert is pissed that she was left in the new upcoming show Hollywood Divas she is filing 15 counts including breach of contract, defamation, fraudulent, and negligent representation.

Her rep also claims these whit male companies are impacting black women on TV.

A discussion is needed NOW to address the images of African American Women that white male production company’s are portraying on Reality TV and changing things in the editing room . They can’t be allowed to continue to destroy Brands & families & friends!

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