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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spoiler Alert!: 'Bad Girls Club' 13- Redd Fights Natalie Nunn and Slams Tanisha

Redd vs Natalie

Reality: Apprentely there was a big fight that happened during the taping of the Bad Girls Club 13 : All Star season. Redd has revealed on her Instagram page that she got kicked out the show because she fought Natalie.

Natalie claims that she was jumped

Tanisha also put her two cents in

and Redd slammed her

It looks like next season is going to be really good


Anonymous said...

Redd needs to shut her trap and sit in line. She doesn't have fans, she has yes people in her town tellin' her shes "all that & then some". Puhhleezze.... She is a fake ass pyhsco troll.

Anonymous said...

Redd is disgusting. She talks about Natalie being a bully to Judi, but yet she is a damn bully herself. Girl, first off you ain't cute. You use your weight to scare people into thinking your bad. Its very clear that you crave attention. If you want to scare somebody, try dieting. You might scare yourself.

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