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Friday, August 29, 2014

Tameka Raymond Calls Out 'Atlanta Exes' Producers and Torrei Hart In New Blog Post!

Tameka Blogs About 'Atlanta Exes'

Tameka Raymond is taking her Website to address a few things about Atlanta Exes. She speaks on the first three episodes that aired so far and reveals she is disappointed on how she is being portrayed on the show by saying "it was supposed to be positive and inspiring" compared to other reality shows she has turned down. She reveals the producers sent Traci Steele from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta to start drama.

She also speaks about her conflict with Torrei Hart  .

"When “Atlanta Exes” came together, I was actually proud to be a part of this group of strong women who have all shared the same experience of being married to a celebrity.  I had turned down several other reality series because none of them had the promise of presenting a positive take away for the viewers.  This show was supposed to be different.  It was to be about ‘sisterhood’ and shared experiences between like-minded women. It was supposed to be positive and inspiring."

I have made mistakes. When the producers asked to film my T-Market (Flea Market) event in support of my “Kile’s Word Foundation”, I honestly should have never agreed to it. That was my fault. Once there, the producers felt the scenes didn’t have “enough action.”  So, I was told they sent Torrei and her friend Traci Steele to start some shit – and shit they started!  Not the optimal plan.

"Torrei in a couple of scenes even had the bold audacity to speak about my kids. She even said on camera that people “around town” are saying that Kile’s death may be Karma. I wonder which town she is referring to, because if it’s Atlanta, That is my town. I have been in Atlanta for 17 years, compared to her four (4) months, be clear that is not how we roll.  That is so inappropriate as to be beyond description.  I hope no mother has to experience the pain of losing a child.  For those that have implied that I have used his passing as an ‘excuse’, my only response is you try and decide which one of your kids can you live without?  Once you conclude that the answer is NONE, maybe then you will understand the veracity of losing a child. The fact that she was even able to say that on camera is unconscionable.  All things aren’t up for television banter nor do I take ANYTHING involving my children lightly. That’s when I lose it… yeah all bets are off about my Kile or any of my “five heartbeats”.

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