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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cancelled? Tameka Raymond Says Cast Is NOT Filming 'Atlanta Exes' Season 2

Photo/ VH1

'Atlanta Exes' Also Cancelled?

Is 'Atlanta Exes' facing cancellation just like Hollywood Exes ? Tameka Raymond confirmed to Jasmine Brand that the cast is NOT filming season 2 at the moment. 

"I don’t know. I know were not filming now and as far as I know, we will not be filming. I don’t know the logistics as to why, cause its both franchises. It’s both shows LA or Atlanta neither are returning. I think someone was saying their idea was stolen. So it’s internal stuff none of the cast mates’ husbands shut it down. So that rumor. I’m like chile’ which one of them got that power. I thought the Black Ink Crew took our spot and I’m like they won because we cannot touch them in drama. They are colorful and turnt up.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

'Atlanta Exes' Star Torrei Hart Reveals Why She Joined and The Show and Speaks On Sandra Rose Beef.. LISTEN HERE

'Atlanta Exes' star Torrei Hart was on this week's Have A Seat radio and reveals what made her join 'Atlanta Exes' cast. She says the producers did not air her professionalism side and talks about her stand-up career as well as being an actress.

She also reveals she is now cordial with Tameka Raymond and speaks on her beef with blogger Sandra Rose when she bough up her kids.

Listen Here:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Recap: Atlanta Exes (Season 1)- Episode 04

Season 1

Atlanta Exes
Episode 04 RECAP

ThaGhettoview recaps on this week's episode of Atlanta Exes.

Monday, September 1, 2014

VIDEO: Christina Johnson Says She Is Now Moving Forward From Cee Lo Green

Photo: VH1

Christina Johnson Talks 'Atlanta Exes'

Atlanta Exes star Christina Johnson, who is so far my favorite on the show, did a new interview with Kareem Williams and she reveals that she decided to do 'Atlanta Exes' to shine the light on on her Graves disease , domestic violence and to expand her business ventures.

She also talks about Cee Lo Green who she was married for five years and divorce for eight. She reveals that she no longer 'hopes' to get back with Cee Lo Green, but still remain friends with him because they share children.

She also gives advice on dating and dealing with domestic violence

Full Interview:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Recap: Atlanta Exes (Season 1)- Episode 03

Season 1

Atlanta Exes
Episode 01 RECAP

ThaGhettoView recaps on this week's episode of Atlanta Exes. Torrei and Tameka have a major conflict. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tameka Raymond Calls Out 'Atlanta Exes' Producers and Torrei Hart In New Blog Post!

Tameka Blogs About 'Atlanta Exes'

Tameka Raymond is taking her Website to address a few things about Atlanta Exes. She speaks on the first three episodes that aired so far and reveals she is disappointed on how she is being portrayed on the show by saying "it was supposed to be positive and inspiring" compared to other reality shows she has turned down. She reveals the producers sent Traci Steele from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta to start drama.

She also speaks about her conflict with Torrei Hart  .

"When “Atlanta Exes” came together, I was actually proud to be a part of this group of strong women who have all shared the same experience of being married to a celebrity.  I had turned down several other reality series because none of them had the promise of presenting a positive take away for the viewers.  This show was supposed to be different.  It was to be about ‘sisterhood’ and shared experiences between like-minded women. It was supposed to be positive and inspiring."

I have made mistakes. When the producers asked to film my T-Market (Flea Market) event in support of my “Kile’s Word Foundation”, I honestly should have never agreed to it. That was my fault. Once there, the producers felt the scenes didn’t have “enough action.”  So, I was told they sent Torrei and her friend Traci Steele to start some shit – and shit they started!  Not the optimal plan.

"Torrei in a couple of scenes even had the bold audacity to speak about my kids. She even said on camera that people “around town” are saying that Kile’s death may be Karma. I wonder which town she is referring to, because if it’s Atlanta, That is my town. I have been in Atlanta for 17 years, compared to her four (4) months, be clear that is not how we roll.  That is so inappropriate as to be beyond description.  I hope no mother has to experience the pain of losing a child.  For those that have implied that I have used his passing as an ‘excuse’, my only response is you try and decide which one of your kids can you live without?  Once you conclude that the answer is NONE, maybe then you will understand the veracity of losing a child. The fact that she was even able to say that on camera is unconscionable.  All things aren’t up for television banter nor do I take ANYTHING involving my children lightly. That’s when I lose it… yeah all bets are off about my Kile or any of my “five heartbeats”.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weekly Recap: Atlanta Exes (Season 1)- Episodes 01 and 02

Season 1

Atlanta Exes
Episodes 01 and 02 RECAP

ThaGhettoView recaps on the first two episodes of Atlanta Exes which premiered this week. Tameka judges Sheree for partying with 21 year old daughter.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CELEB: Kevn Hart Proposes To Girlfriend The Same Time 'Atlanta Exes' Premiered'

Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish Proposal (2)

A Shady Move?

Yesterday, we saw the two hour series premiere 'Atlanta Exes' which Torrei Hart is one of the cast members in but during the premiere, her ex Kevin Hart proposed to his long time girlfriend Eniko Parrish

Some people are calling him out saying that he was shady for proposing to his girlfriend during the same time his ex's show about ex wives premiered on TV.

But he is responding back at the timing of the engagement saying that August 18th was Eniko's birthday

Embedded image permalink

Saturday, August 16, 2014

VIDEO: Watch Episode 1 Of 'Atlanta Exes' Before It Premieres

Watch Episode 01

The series premiere of Atlanta Exes will taking over Hit The Floor's time slot this Monday at 9PM, but if you can't wait to watch the 1st episode on Monday, VH1 as already put out the full episode online.

Watch it here

Get More: 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

VIDEO: Check Out The Trailer For VH1's 'Atlanta Exes'!

Photo Credit VH1

'Atlanta Exes' Trailer

The trailer for Hollywood Exes spin off show Atlanta Exes has arrived. I've been covering about the show for awhile and it will finally premiere on August 18th. The show stars Monyetta Shaw, Tameka Raymond, Christina Johnson, Sheree Buchanan, Torrei Hart.

Ex Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member, Traci Steele, will also appear on the show


Cerdit: Straight from The A

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tameka Raymond Explains Why She Almost Quit 'Atlanta Exes'

Reality: Months ago, there reports that Usher's ex- wife , Tameka Raymond, quitting Atlanta Exes while it wa sbeing filmed because of drama on set. She never spoke about it, until in a new interview with

In the interview, she explains that she was originally offered to to Hollywood Exes but could not do because she didn't live in La anymore and accepted the offer to do the Atlanta version which will premiere in August. She almost quit the show because of petty gossip shit that all reality shows have. 

"I definitely contemplated quitting the show. I never did quit, but I did think about it. I got mad and at the end of the day I don’t want to be involved with asinine or petty arguments, he say-she say, and that kind of stuff. If it seems like we’re having debates over foolishness or something seems silly I try to run from it."

She also admits that she nervous how producers will edit the show.

You can read the of the interview here

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

'Atlanta Exes' Premieres In August

'Atlanta Exes' Set For August

Reality:  VH1's highly anticipated new spin off show Atlanta Exes, will be premieres on August 18th. The new show will follow the exes of ATL: Christina Johnson, Monyetta Shaw,Tameka Raymond, Sheree Buchman and Torrei Hart.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Exes will star it's 3rd season on May 7th

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Former 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Castmember Traci Steele Joins "Atlanta Exes"; Tameka Raymond Allegedly Quits

Traci Steele Joins 'Atlanta Exes'

Reality:  I didn't expect this, former 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" cast member Traci Steele has joined the cast of "Atlanta Exes" which is the new  VH1 spin off show to "Hollywood Exes" which also filming it's 3rd season.

She confirmed it on her instagram page that she is "back on VH1" filming the new show and asked her followers to follow Kevin Hart's ex Torrie Hart who i  part of the cast.

According to, Straigthfromthea Tameka Raymond (Usher's ex)  allegedly quit the show and was replaced by Traci Steele. 

Drama already

Monday, February 3, 2014

VH1 Confirms "Atlanta Exes" For Summer 2014 Premiere

Spin- Off Premieres Summer 2014

Reality:  VH1 has confirmed in a press release the new show "Atlanta Exes" which is a spin off show of "Hollywood Exes" will get a summer premiere. 

The cast consist of Tameka Raymond (Usher's ex), Monyetta Shaw (Ne-Yo's ex) Sheree Buchnan (Ray Buchnan's ex), Christina Johnson (Cee Lo Green's ex) and Torrei Hart (Kevin Hart's ex.

I can tell that this show will be very different than "Hollywood Exes" It's currently filming. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

VH1's New Spin Off Show "Atlanta Exes" Starts Filming

Atlanta Exes Starts Filming

Reality:  "Atlanta Exes" has started filming last week, according to JasmineBrand production started last week. The show is a spin off of "Hollywood Exes" The cast includes:  Usher's ex Tameka Raymond, Cee Lo Green's ex Christina Johnson, Kevin Hart's ex Torrei Hart, and Ne-Yo's ex Monyetta Shaw

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tameka Raymond and Torrei Hart Confirmed For 'Hollywood Exes' Spin Off 'Atlanta Exes'

'Atlanta Exes' Cast Coming Together

Reality News:  Over the summer, it was announced that there will ne an Atlanta version of 'Hollywood Exes'  and Usher's ex wife Tameka Raymond was rumored to join the cast as well as Cee Lo Green's ex Idris Elba. 

Jasmine Brand exclusively confirms now that the two will be joining the show which is now called "Atlanta Exes" which makes sense since it's set in Atlanta and in Hollywood. Kevin Kart's ex Torrei hart is also joining the cast and this is what she said about the show

'I just feel like it’s a way to see who I am. In the past I’ve been put out in the press, people have this assumption about me, and it’s a way for people to really get to see who I am. I want to do the show. I think it’s a great opportunity. It’s a great platform, and I’m excited about it.'

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