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Thursday, June 9, 2016

UPDATE: Vinnie Medugno Says He Is NOT Profiting Off Big Ang's Death

 Vinnie Responds To Backlash

Vinnie Medugno,  who said to be Big Ang's publicist is to backlash from her fans that he allegedly using Big Ang' name to make money off her death. Last Friday, Big Ang's sister Janine posted on twitter that he blocked her from Big Ang's Instagram page an the two of them went back & forth on twitter. Janine claims that he is using her sister for 'fame' 

Vinnie made a long  blog post explaining the whole ordeal from how he knew her and the drama thats' been happening since she her death in February. 

Here is part of his post

 "This passed Friday when that occurred, I was advised to remove Janine from the social media and block her from the accounts because it was not the first time she had posted something negative or offensive against the estate on social media. So in my opinion, she attacked the wrong person. Not that anyone should be attacked, but she should’ve gotten the facts straight. I was working at my school when all of this went down, and had no clue what was even going on, but had to follow orders from the executors of Angela’s estate. Her daughter Raquel does want specific items and words posted, and when she does, I have to post verbatim and with the photos she sends, all pre-approved of course. They too have the passwords and are always on it. No one excluded Janine but Janine."

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