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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Audrina Patridge's Ex-Boyfriend Corey Bohan Arrested For Public Intoxication

Corey Bohan Arrested

You might have seen him on Audrina's VH1 show as Audrina's boyfriend who is now her ex. BMX rider Corey Bohan was arrested for public intoxication, TMZ reports. He was charged with the misdemeanor, spent about eight hours in jail, posted $500 bail and was released.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Audrina and The Saddle Ranch- Episode Recaps

Audrina- Episode 4 Recap

On this episode, Lynn lashes out at her daughter Casey and Lynn has a crush on Donald Trump?

Summary Of Episode 5
Audrina still in NY is asked to come in for a very special business meeting. Back in LA, Casey spends quality time with her husband Kyle. She invites him to the family dinner later that night. Kyle is concerned that there may be drama but agrees to go. It turns out he is right.

The Saddle Ranch- Episode 4 Recap

Summary Of Episode 4
Will romance bloom from Robb and Rachel's drunken make out session? After a "first date" at a tattoo parlor, Robb invites her to a home cooked dinner with real romance for dessert. Dave finds himself in a heap of trouble at work when Saddle Ranch is secretly evaluated by a couple of undercover diners. Cassie seeks out Noah's advice on moving her dance career forward and might have all the right moves when she meets some very interesting customers.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Audrina and Saddle Ranch- Episode Recaps

Audrina- Epsiode 4 Recap

Audrina gets prepared for fashion weelk and she invites her sister Casey. Here is the recap of episode 4.

Summary Of Episode 4
Audrina calls and invites Casey to join her and Lynn in NYC. While Audrina goes to meetings and fittings, she sends Lynn and Casey on some NYC adventures. Audrina walks in her first fashion show at fashion week while mom and sister cheer her on. While she's on the highest high or her life after the catwalk, Audrina gets some huge news.

Saddle Ranch- Episode 3

Here is what went down on the latest episode of Saddle Ranch

Summary Of Episode 3
Cassie's victorious brawl with a rented stripper serves as an icebreaker to finally bring everyone together at Robb's party. Robb and Rachel shock everyone by locking lips by the pool, while Cassie and Nick notice each other in the hot tub. Things go from bad to worse for Taylor when he experiences some car problems and has a disastrous run-in with manager Candy at work.

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