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Friday, January 23, 2015

Natalie Nunn Reveals Teaser For 'Bad Boys: USA'

Photo: Youtube

'Bad Boys: USA' Teaser

Natalie Nunn has revealed the first teaser for 'Bad Boys: USA: which was previous called 'Bad Boys Club' It was announced back in September that she will be producing a male version of 'Bad girls Club'. We've seen pics a while back of her, Judi, Sarah and Flo casting dudes to be on the show.

Most of the guys in the teaser look like 'Love and Hip Hop: rejects

Watch here

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Natalie Nunn Says She Wants A Stevie J and Ray-J Type For 'Bad Boys Club'

Natalie Talks 'Bad Boys Club'

Natalie Nunn continuing looking for guys to be on 'Bad Boys Club' (working title) which she is producing. Last month, she was seen with Judi, Flo and Sarah in D.C picking out potential guys to be on the show. She revealed on Twitter today that she will be helding more auditions in Atlanta, LA, New York, Chicago and San Fransico.

She did her first exclusive interview with RumorFix talking more about the show. She says she wants to cast a Stevie J, Ray-J and Perez Hilton type for the show. She also says the guys that audition have badder then her.

“I’m looking for a Stevie J kind of guy, a Perez Hilton type of bad boy – a s**t talker blogger who still has his stuff together — A  Ray J type of bad boy who’s already been on TV and a  rapper like Waka Flocka Flame.”

Monday, October 6, 2014

'Bad Boys Club' Casting Starts In D.C

'Bad Boys Club' Auditions Start

Today 'Bad Girls Club' stars Natalie, Flo, Sarah and Judi met up with potential 'bad boys' for the pilot 'Bad Boys Club' which started casting in DC. I guess they will be picking who will join the pilot for the show. Last month, Natalie Nunn made an announcement about the potential show

Thousands of guys showed up for a chance to to be on the show which still has response from 'Bad Girls Club' fans. Some people think the show will not happen, but we will see.

Natalie tweeted most of the men who auditions were escorts, porn stars and even a preacher's kid!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

GOSSIP: Natalie Nunn Pitching A 'Bad Boys Club' Show To Oxygen?

Is 'Bad Boys Club' Coming To Oxygen?

A male version of 'Bad Girls Club titled 'Bad Boys Club' might be in the works according to Natalie's tweets today.

She tweeted this 'Bad Boys Club" logo on her Instagram page today asking guys to tag and re-post Oxygen on why they would be pick to be on the show. 

Here are her tweets

She reveals on twitter that she is filming a pilot for a Bad Boys Club show and having it pitched to the network.  So far the reactions have been mixed. 

Jaron Alexander , who I interviewed early this year about his audition for Real World: Explosion, says on Facebook he will audition for the show if it gets  a greenlight from Oxygen

Would you be here for a Bad Boys Club show?

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