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Monday, August 3, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' Star Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne Get Into A Brawl Over An Uber Car

Natalie and Jacob Get Into A Brawl

I don't know what is up with these reality stars and Uber cars. First we had, Momma Dee who into a car accident months ago, then just last week Teairra Marie got into it with an an Uber car diver over aan iPhone charger and now Natalie Nunn and her husband just were involved in a brawl last night over an Uber car.

Apparently Natalie and Jacob got into a brawl with another couple over an Uber car. Natalie tweets they were about to get into an Uber car when another couple came to them claiming that the Uber car was thers. Natalie says they began to swung at her and her husband was spit on. Janelle who was season 11 was also there. The couples was arrested and went to jail 

TMZ has now released a 30 second video

Here are her tweets 


Friday, May 15, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' Star Natalie Nunn Denies Cheating On Her Husband

Natalie Nunn Denies Cheating Rumors

Natalie Nunn is once again in the rumor mill and this time it has nothing to do with her pregnancy. She is responding to the latest rumor of her cheating on her husband Jacob Payne. She took to Instagram saying "rumors are rumors and we are laughing" 

"No need to stress the bullshit!!! THIS THE ONLY NIGGA ONLY @mrjacobpayne Rumors are rumors we laughin"

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

HOT TEA: Jennifer Williams, Tiffany Pollard, Natalie Nunn Allegedly Casted In New Reality Show


'The Next 15'

Jennifer Williams, Tiffany Pollard, Natalie Nunn might be in a brand new reality show together! BGCTEA reports on Instagram  it's for new reality show on TV ONE called The Next 15 

"The Next 15" (This new reality series unites a group of male and female former reality stars that crave another 15 minutes of fame. Through the series, the personalities confront the issues that continue to present personal challenges and block their chances for success to capture another 15 minutes of fame)"

Other reality stars also include Marlo Hamptom from Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

  Jasmine caught up with the show's producer, Carlo King, and he says that 'there will be a few surprises where everyone is going to gag'. Filming has not started yet.

"Oh, I’m definitely excited about The Next 15 because it’s about time these former reality stars have another platform to reintroduce themselves. And the fact that TV One is setting the bar with this is genius so I am happy they selected me to produce the show. I can’t reveal the casts just yet but there’s a few surprises where everyone is going to gag! That’s all I can say."


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Natalie Nunn Confirms She Had A Miscarriage


'We Had Complications'

Natalie Nunn is finally putting the rumors to rest about her not being pregnant. Late last year , she revealed to Lifestyle magazine that she was pregnant with her first child with Jacob Payne but recent pics of her surfaces showing her having a flat belly which people think she was faking her pregnancy for attention.

She now did an exclusive interview today with Oxygen confirming that they were 'complications' in her pregnancy

"I know a lot of fans were wondering about it, but I haven't spoken about things because it's been extremely hard. Hard times are best to share with family and loved ones when it's new! I just want to respect my husband, and make sure that all the sad stuff that we went through is understood."

Friday, January 23, 2015

Natalie Nunn Reveals Teaser For 'Bad Boys: USA'

Photo: Youtube

'Bad Boys: USA' Teaser

Natalie Nunn has revealed the first teaser for 'Bad Boys: USA: which was previous called 'Bad Boys Club' It was announced back in September that she will be producing a male version of 'Bad girls Club'. We've seen pics a while back of her, Judi, Sarah and Flo casting dudes to be on the show.

Most of the guys in the teaser look like 'Love and Hip Hop: rejects

Watch here

Monday, December 15, 2014

WETv's 'Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars (Season 2) Trailer WATCH HERE!

'Marriage Bootcamp' Season 2 Teaser

WEtv's 'Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars' is is back for another season and this time we have reality couples from shows 'Real Housewives Of New York , bad Girls Club, The Hills, Survivor and R&B Divas. In the trialer we see Natalie budding heads with Syleena Johnson and Aviva Drescher.

Season 2 premieres January 9th

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

'Bad Girls Club' Star Natalie Nunn Announces She Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Natalie Nunn is Pregnant

'Bad Girls Club' star . Natalie Nunn,  has announced exclusively to  Life and Style magazine that her and her husband Jacob Payne are expecting their first child together.

She says:

“My life has completely changed since 'Bad Girls Club.' I found the most perfect, supportive, handsome husband, and now a soon-to-be mini-me or mini-Jacob!”

She joins other 'bad girls' like Flo, Jennifer, and Shannon who have become mothers since appearing on 'Bad Girls Club.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Natalie Nunn Says She Wants A Stevie J and Ray-J Type For 'Bad Boys Club'

Natalie Talks 'Bad Boys Club'

Natalie Nunn continuing looking for guys to be on 'Bad Boys Club' (working title) which she is producing. Last month, she was seen with Judi, Flo and Sarah in D.C picking out potential guys to be on the show. She revealed on Twitter today that she will be helding more auditions in Atlanta, LA, New York, Chicago and San Fransico.

She did her first exclusive interview with RumorFix talking more about the show. She says she wants to cast a Stevie J, Ray-J and Perez Hilton type for the show. She also says the guys that audition have badder then her.

“I’m looking for a Stevie J kind of guy, a Perez Hilton type of bad boy – a s**t talker blogger who still has his stuff together — A  Ray J type of bad boy who’s already been on TV and a  rapper like Waka Flocka Flame.”

Monday, October 6, 2014

'Bad Boys Club' Casting Starts In D.C

'Bad Boys Club' Auditions Start

Today 'Bad Girls Club' stars Natalie, Flo, Sarah and Judi met up with potential 'bad boys' for the pilot 'Bad Boys Club' which started casting in DC. I guess they will be picking who will join the pilot for the show. Last month, Natalie Nunn made an announcement about the potential show

Thousands of guys showed up for a chance to to be on the show which still has response from 'Bad Girls Club' fans. Some people think the show will not happen, but we will see.

Natalie tweeted most of the men who auditions were escorts, porn stars and even a preacher's kid!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

WeTV 's 'Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars' Season 2 Cast Revealed!

Marriage Bootcamp Is Back

Last week, Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn tweeted some photos on her and her husband Jacob Payne on the set of WeTV's Marriage Bootcamp season 2. She is the second Bad Girls Club chick to join the cast, Tinasha was on the show last season.Natalie will be on the show because her husband does not like the fact that she 'overshares' her life on social media and also thinks she dresses 'too sexy.

Others, who are joining her this season is our favorites MTV couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who both recently appeared on Celebrity: Wife Swap this past summer. They are on the show because Heidi wants to start a family, but Spencer still acts immature and wants to party.

Real Housewives Of New York star Aviva Drecher and her husband joins the cast. Her husband is sick of her wife's starve for attention and fame.

Survivor couple Tyson Apostol and Rachel Foulger are on the show because Rachel wants to get married and he is having a cold feet.

Last but not least, R & B Divas star Syleena Johnson joins the cast with her husband who thinks she wears the pants in the relationship. 

Season 2 airs early 2015.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

PICS: Natalie Nunn On Set Filming New Season Of 'Marriage Bootcamp'

Natalie Nunn On Set

Natalie Nunn is on set filming the second season of WeTV's show 'Marriage Bootcamp: Celebrity Edition with her husband Jacob Payne. She posted these pics on her twitter page. They both appeared on WeTV before last year on Bridzillas and this also the second Bad Girls Club star to appear on the show. Last season, Tanisha and Clide also appeared Marriage Bootcamp.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

GOSSIP: Natalie Nunn Pitching A 'Bad Boys Club' Show To Oxygen?

Is 'Bad Boys Club' Coming To Oxygen?

A male version of 'Bad Girls Club titled 'Bad Boys Club' might be in the works according to Natalie's tweets today.

She tweeted this 'Bad Boys Club" logo on her Instagram page today asking guys to tag and re-post Oxygen on why they would be pick to be on the show. 

Here are her tweets

She reveals on twitter that she is filming a pilot for a Bad Boys Club show and having it pitched to the network.  So far the reactions have been mixed. 

Jaron Alexander , who I interviewed early this year about his audition for Real World: Explosion, says on Facebook he will audition for the show if it gets  a greenlight from Oxygen

Would you be here for a Bad Boys Club show?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Natalie Nunn Slams Oxygen and Announces New TV Show

 Natalie Done With Oxygen?

Is Natalie Nunn doe with Oxygen after BGC13? Today on twitter, she accuses of 'trying to hold her' back and not letting any of the girls of the show to have a voice and become  a breakout star.

A few years ago, she was supposed to have a spin off show called "I Run LA" that never aired. Its been said she was not at the season 13 reunion show either.

She also announced that she will have another TV show coming soon in a different network. So does this mean she done with Oxygen?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Natalie Nunn Files Battery Charges Against Redd For Fighting Her

Natalie Nunn Files Charges

When Bad Girls Club: Season 13 started filming back in May, spoilers have come out that Redd (Bad Girls Club: Chicago) left the show because she fought Natalie Nunn. It was said that the fight one of the biggest of the show's history. New detials now have come out about that fight. Apparently Redd bit off Natalie's foot! 

TMZ has leaked out a photo of her bite marks and Natalie has filed battery charges against her. 

Bad Girls Club: Redemption airs this fall. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

'Bad Girls Club: 13' All Star Season To Premiere In October

Bad Girls Club 13 Airs In October

Reality: The 13 season of Bad Girls Club, which will be an all star season' has been filming all summer and I heard this will the most drama filled season. Judi, who will be in the season, has confirmed on Instagram that the new season will air in October

The cast includes, Natalie, Judi, Dani, Camilla, Rocky, Sarah, Redd and Jada

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spoiler Alert!: 'Bad Girls Club' 13- Redd Fights Natalie Nunn and Slams Tanisha

Redd vs Natalie

Reality: Apprentely there was a big fight that happened during the taping of the Bad Girls Club 13 : All Star season. Redd has revealed on her Instagram page that she got kicked out the show because she fought Natalie.

Natalie claims that she was jumped

Tanisha also put her two cents in

and Redd slammed her

It looks like next season is going to be really good

Sunday, May 4, 2014

PICS: Bad Girls Club 13: All Star Cast Filming The Show

Cast Filming 'Bad Girls Club' 13

Reality: Here are a few pics of the the all star cast filming 'Bad Girls Club: 13' in LA. We see Natalie and Jada in one pics. In the other two pics is the cast probably partying at a club.

Once the cast is Natalie, Judi, Dani Camilla,Julie,Rocky,Sarah, Redd and Jada

credit for pics: @JoeyBGCblogger

Friday, May 2, 2014

'Bad Girls Club 13': All Star Cast Revealed!

All Star Cast Revealed

Reality:  Bad Girls Club: All Stars ( season 13) has started filming yesterday and Bad Girls Club blogger Joey Diaz has confirmed the cast on Facebook.

The all star season will consist of nine bad girls and will also include a life coach.

The cast:

Natalie ( Season 4)
Judi (Season 7)
Dani (Season 8)
Camilla (Season 8)
Julie (Season 9)
Rocky (Season 10)
Sarah (Season 11)
Redd (Season 12)
Jada (Season 12)

Here is a pick of Rocky and Dani spotted at the LA club

Embedded image permalink

Friday, April 11, 2014

Natalie Nunn To Be on Bad Girls Club: All Star Season

Natalie Returning

Reality: Intouchweekly has confirmed that Natalie Nunn will be one of the cast members to be part of the Bad Girls Club all star season which will be season 13.  The magazine reports that she has signed up for another season of the show. Since being being on Bad Girls Club, she married football player Jacob Payne and also appeared on Bridezillas

Read here

Monday, August 19, 2013

Natalie Nunn Joins 'Celebrity Big Brother' U.K.

Natalie Joins Celebrity Big Brother

Reality News: 'Bad Girls Club' star, Natalie Nunn is set to join another reality show which is Celebrity Big Brother U.K which is set to air this Thursday. I guess she is an international, bitch. 

Natalie Nunn already appeared on 'Bad Girls: All Star Battle" in the U.S. it will be interesting what the U.K will think of Natalie. Bobbi Kristina was supposed to join as well, but she pulled out the last minute. 

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