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Friday, July 19, 2013

'Bad Girls Club" Star Flo Casted In Reality Show "Boss Ladies"

Flo Joins New Reality Show

Reality News: Good news for you Flo fans! She has been casted in the new reality show "Boss Ladies" Now I blogged about the show early this year. Leah of Mob Wives: Chicago was originally casted to do the show, but the original cast was scrapped off. Now there is a whole new cast and Flo is one of them.

As far what happened to the original cast, you can read about it here and you can also follow the new show @bossladies2013

Flo exclusively told me  though that she is still  in contract with Oxygen, but so far she has been casted for the new show. Flo finished runner-up on "Bad Girls: All Star Battle"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mob Wives: Chicago's Leah DeSimone Returning To Reality TV

Leah Returning To Reality TV

In more news involving the women from Mob Wives Chicago. If you were a fan of Leah DeSimone from the now canceled show well you're in luck because she is returning to reality TV! The new show is called Bo$$ Ladies and will future her and other women running a bar together. Leah tells Suntimes it's also about their lifestyle and how they grew up.

Franky Forliano (from left) her sEddie Strong DanMarie Marchese Leah DeSimone Natalie Gerasimchuk Michelle Luciano hope their reality TV show
Photo: Kevin King

Other cast members include Linda Scarpa. Her father, Greg Scarpa, was the captain with New York's Colombo crime family and he was also known as "The Griim Reaper". Another cast member is Franky Forliano. She appeared on one the episodes of Mob Wives: Chicago and tells the site it will be a truthful show show on how they survived and won't give Italians a bad name. The last cast member is Michelle Luciano, who does not have any ties with mob.

Bo$$ Ladies will be nothing like Mob Wives.

Here is a photo of the show being filmed from its Fanpage

Photo: Tru Image Group on the Set of BO$$ Ladies. Chicago IL.

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