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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Karen and Btrittany Respond To Being Banned From Big Ang's Memorial

Karen and Brittany Respond To Being Banned

Karen Gravano and Brittany Forgarty is fnally responding to reports from being banned from Big Ang's memorial over the weekend. Both were not invited due to both their father's history. Karen responded by saying ths situation was never about her father and was about respecting her friend.  

 "My situation isn’t about my father, it isn’t about anyone else. It’s about paying respects to my friend. I wanted to say my goodbyes to Ang and pay respect to her and her family and an army couldn’t stop me. I was just happy to be there. Let people believe what they want to believe. I was there and I walked out holding her casket.”

Brittany, who received a phone call  Renee's sister, says she was crying hysterically when she found out she was banned 

 "I think that it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t be at any of Ang’s services this weekend, and that I couldn’t say bye to her in that way. The last thing that I would want is to go there and cause a scene. This is about celebrating Ang’s life and the fact that her family has to say bye to such a beautiful person, and I want to respect that. I was called on Saturday, by a mutual friend, and told not to attend the services because of something my father did. I was in my car heading over and pulled over and started hysterically crying. I was already upset because I was headed to her services, but pulled over and cried hysterically when I found out I couldn’t go. I was really taken aback when I received the call; I was not expecting it at all. Ang never judged me for the actions of my father."

Monday, January 25, 2016

Karen Gravano and Brittany Fogarty Slam Eachother On Twitter Over Drita

Karen vs Brittany

Right the 3rd episode of Mob Wives aired this past week Karen and new cast member Brittany got into on Brittany on twitter. Karen accuses Brittany of baing disloyal to her after she became friends with Drita on the latest episode.



Karen tweets

Brittany fired back at her calling her 'delusional'

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New' Mob Wives' Castmembers Allegedly Start Brawl At Restuarant

New Castmembers Start Alleged Brawl

The 6th season of Mob Wives will be premiering in January and it looks like the two new castmembers will be bringing it. Apparently, Brittany Fogarty and Marrissa Jade who will be the new girls got into an alleged brawl at a New Jersey restauarant.

 Page Six reports the brawl started when Marissa ( who is the brunette) insulted Brittany and security had to break them apart.  It's been said that Brittany is more on Drita's side while all other girls are not. 

 "A source added that some guards “who’ve been hired for every cast member to protect the ladies from hurting each other pulled the girls apart,” but “Fogarty was seen kicking and wrestling with the bouncers” and was ultimately “carried out by security.” Reps for the show didn’t get back to us."

Thursday, July 16, 2015

'Mob Wives' Is Getting Another New Castmember Name Brittany Fogarty

'Mob Wives' Gets Another New Girl

Early this week, it was reported that 'Mob Wives' was adding a new castmember
for season6 name Marissa Jade. Now is reporting that the show is adding another new girl tot he show. Her name is Brittany Fogarty and she has already been seen with the cast.


The site reports that her parents were arrested for their affiliation with the mob lifestyle and her dad has a connection with Karen's dad Sammy. 

She also appeared on "I Married a Mobster'

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