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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Draya Michele Reveals Brooke Bailey Won't Appear On 'Basketball Wives LA' (Season 3)

Draya Talks Season 3

Reality News: It looks like another cast member won't be returning to 'Basketball Wives LA" and that is Brooke Bailey.  She did a recent interview with  Vibe Vixen the returning cast member dishes on the upcoming 3rd season which currently being filmed. This is the first a cast membet is talking about the new season .

She reveals that she no longer has a relationship with Brooke and we won't be seeing her.

"There is no relationship between Brooke and I and on Season 3 you won’t see Brooke at all.

She also says we will be seeing 'whole new people' and her family more.

"Well you’re going to see me of course and just a more in-depth side of my life. You’ll see my family more; you’ll see bits and pieces of my love life, a more intimate side of my life. It’s not so much what I’m doing for my jobs, or money, it’s just more personal so you’ll see that. And you’ll definitely see a lot of new things with everyone; whole new people, people you’ve never seen before."

Friday, June 21, 2013

OFFICIAL: Basketball Wives LA Will Be Back For A 3rd Season

Basketball Wives LA Will Be Back

I guess now we can officially squash the cancellation rumors. Brooke Bailey recently attended a private pool party at the Hollywood Hills and she spoke to blacktreemedia in a video and says that Basketball Wives LA WILL return for a 3rd season. However, who is going to be on the 3rd season has not been officially made yet.

Check out the video

Also Draya Michele posted a pic today of her reuniting with her Basketball Wives LA co-stars Jackie and Malayshia. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brooke Bailey Says 'Basketball Wives L.A' Is NOT Cancelled

Photo: VIBE

'Basketball Wives LA' NOT Cancelled

Last week, rumors came out that 'Basketball Wives LA' was supposedly cancelled by VH1. This past week, Brook Bailey spoke about the rumors on #haveaseat and she says that the show is NOT cancelled at this time and they are in negotiations for a 3rd season. Nothing is planned yet though. 

Listen to Interview:

Credit for this interview: @VH1info and @JazzyBaby

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rumor Mill Of The Week: Brooke Bailey Smashing John Salley?

Brooke Smashing John Salley?

Rumor Mill Of The Week:  This rumor is kinda hard to believe but Diary Of A Hollywood Stree King reported today that Brooke Bailey has been smashing John Salley, who has been the host of Baskeball Wives reunion to hustle her way up to her desired figure. A source tells the site that he has been paying for her butt augmentation.

“John Salley is cheating on his wife Natasha with Brooke Bailey. Brooke is a home wrecker, John Salley is a man whore, and Natasha needs to know.”

What do you think about this rumor? So far neither has commented on it. 

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