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Friday, May 9, 2014

Sundy Carter Says She'll Return If There Is A Season 4 Of Basketball Wives LA' and Calls Out John Salley

Breakfast Club Interview

Reality: Sundy Carter was on the Breakfast Club and they asked her some good questions. In this interview, she addresses Shaunie's comment she made about her and says that did not feel like Shaunie was attacking her, she just 'wanted to protect her brand'

She also says that she wasn't the one who put her daughter's picture on twitter, she does not know where the picture came from. She calls John Salley a 'liar' for saying that Draya was the one who punched her in the eye. In the previous interview she with HipHollywood she said it was Malaysia

Last but not least, Angela asked her if she'll return to the show and she said yes, if there is a season 4 which I think will most likely. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Videos: John Salley Speaks On 'Basketball Wives: LA: Season 3 Reunion Show

Breakfast Club Interview

Videos:  John Salley, who is the host of the 'Basketball Wives' reunion shows, was on The Breakfast Club to talk about that Draya/Sundy fight. He says that he the full unedited fight between them and confirms that Draya gave Sundy the black eye. He also speaks on the upcoming reunion show

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rumor Mill Of The Week: Brooke Bailey Smashing John Salley?

Brooke Smashing John Salley?

Rumor Mill Of The Week:  This rumor is kinda hard to believe but Diary Of A Hollywood Stree King reported today that Brooke Bailey has been smashing John Salley, who has been the host of Baskeball Wives reunion to hustle her way up to her desired figure. A source tells the site that he has been paying for her butt augmentation.

“John Salley is cheating on his wife Natasha with Brooke Bailey. Brooke is a home wrecker, John Salley is a man whore, and Natasha needs to know.”

What do you think about this rumor? So far neither has commented on it. 

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