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Saturday, December 13, 2014

VIDEO: Morgan Hardman Reveals She Now Manages Moniece, Talks Childhood

Who Is Morgan Hardman?

I feel on 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' we did not know that much about Morgan Hardman on a personal level. She did had one scene where she briefly talked about her childhood with Yesi but that was it.

She did a new interview with GlobalGrind TV and she reveals more about her messed up childhood. She her now deceased mother was a crackhead and he and her brother were living in cars. She was also molested by the different men her mother had as a'boyfriend'. Morgan says, he mother did not believe her when she told her she was getting molested. She says her brothers blame her for going into foster after getting caught shoplifting for her mother and confessed she did not want to go home.

On a lighter now, she also reveals in the interview that she now manages Moniece's singing career and talk about she became Ray-J/s assistant.

Watch here:

Friday, November 21, 2014

Mimi Faust Opens Up About Her Scientology Childhood In New Interview.. WATCH HERE

Mimi Opens Up About Personal Life

'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, star Mimi Faust is opening about her difficult childhood in Scientology in an emotional interview in an episode of Moment Of Truth.  One the show, she briefly talked about her mother being  a member of Scientogly two seasons ago. In this interview, we ge to learn about her personal life. She reveals that she was bullied during her time the church because she was the only black girl there. She was also called 'freeloader' by the  other scientologists. She was  kicked out at age 13 and remained homeless. She also met her biological father at age 17 . 

It's a really good interview and it shows a different side of her

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