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Monday, May 8, 2017

New 'LHHH' Cast Member Alexis Sky Says She Put Her Hands On Moniece.. See Tweets

Alexis Sky Comes For Moniece

Well upcoming 4th season of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood is going to full of drama. It seems like new 'LHHH' cast member Alexis Sky and Moniece Slaughter. In an instagram video Alexis claims she put her hands on Moneice and according to her posts, she beat Moneice's ass. 

Moniece denies it. The is same girl who also has beef with Masika because she was also messing with Feet Wap.

Here are their posts thanks to The Shade Room


New cast members revealed

Here Alexis video coming for Masika, Moniece and Nia

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

SIP TEA: 'LHHH' Star Moneice Says Brandi Is Now 'Pregnant and Broke'

Moniece Comes For Brandi Again

The ongoing beef between Moniece Slaugter and Brandi Boyd still continues on social media. Early this week, Moniece spilled some tea on twitter claiming that Brandi and Max have moved to South Carolina and that she is 'pregnant and broke'


Here are her tweets. Milan chimed in as well

Friday, January 6, 2017

Moneice Slaughter Speaks On Kim Burrells' Anti Gay Video


"I Stopped Practicing Religion

'LHHH' star Moneice Slaugter took to Instagram to share her thought on anti gay video that leaked just before the new year which showed gospel singer Kim Burrell preaching anti gay comments at her church lead to a huge backlash on social media. 

Moneice revealed she has studied Kim for years and that she squandered her opportunity to go mainstream.  She also says that's why she stopped practicing religion.

Check out the video below

'LHHH' Stars Fizz and Nia Riley Are Now Dating; Moneice Responds

Credit: @VH1LHTEA

 Fizz and Nia Are Dating?

It looks like Fizz and Nia Riley might become a couple for the next season of  'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood which should begin its 4th season soon. Nia posted on her Snapchat page a picture which shows her with a hookah cuddling up with Fiz. Could this be a possible storyline for her next season?

Moneice Slaughter who we all know as Fizz's baby mama took to Twitter and to The Shade Room confirming that she actually hooked them up


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Moneice Slaughter Confirms 'LHHH' Season 3 Will Be Her Last

 Moneice Is Leaving 'LHHH'

'Love and Hip hop: Hollywood' fan favorite Moniece Slaughter has confirmed on twitter recently that she will NOT be returning to LHHH after season 3.  Says that her contract will be 'fullfilled' and will be not be coming back for a 4th season

Her tweet

One of her fans repsonded to her tweet saying she will be watching the show anymore once she leaves

The 3rd season will premiere in November


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

'LHHH' Star Moniece Slaughter Revealed She Suffered A Mimi Stroke

 Moniece Suffers Mini Stroke

'LHHH' star Moniece Slaughter has revealed recently that she suffered a mini stroke.  VH1 reported that she was hospitalized  last week and took to Insragram to let her fans about her recent health problem.

She was pictured with a breathing mask on revealing she suffered a stroke

 "Today, my doctor told me I had two mini strokes, my right lung was inflamed, but clear, my blood work was A1 (no cancerous cells etc) no abnormalities growing in my throat or lungs. Perfect heart.”

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Milan Christopher Says He Is Not Dating Moniece and Drops Charges Against Miles

Milan Responds To Moneice Dating Rumors

 Last week, rumors have come out that Milan Christoper was allegedly dating Moneice Slaughter after she posted an Instagram pic that she had a crush on him. 

Here are some posts

Many fans speculate them "dating" was just a new storyline for the 3rd season of Love and Hop Hop: Hollywood 

Milan Christopher took to twitter the other day saying that they are 'just friends"

Also, TMZ is now reporting that charges were dropped against his LHHH co-star Miles after Milan accused him of assault back in October

Sunday, December 20, 2015

'LHNY' Newbie Mariah Lynn Already Beefing With Moniece Slaughter On Social Media

 Moneice vs Mariah Lynn

It's looks like Moneice Slaughter from Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' has gained another enemy and 'LHNY' newbie Mariah Lynn! the beef all stated shortly after the premiere episode of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY' when Moneice called the newbie was on the show for acting like hoes. That's when Mariah Lynn clapped back at her on Instagram calling out her parneting skills. saying her 17 year old sister is a better parent than her.  Mind you, Mariah Lynn is also affliated with Rich Dollaz which Moneice's now ex.


Here are the messy tweets

Monday, October 19, 2015

'LHHH' Star Moneice Slaughter Gets Backlash For Her Comments On Lamar Odem


 Moneice Calls Out Haters

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' is receiving backlash from Lamar Odem fans when called out celebrity worshipers and society's way thinking when it comes to celebrities, particularly Lamar Odem, who was found unconscious during a brothel and just woken from an coma. 

She received backlash when posted of Lamar comparing him to a soldier who took a grenade to save people's lives and there was no media coverage.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Moneice Slaughter Says Rich Dollaz Is NOT A Deadbeat Dad

 Moniece Slams Rich Dollaz Deadbeat Rumors

Moneice Slaughter is defending her on and off again boyfriend Rich Dollaz of the rumors that he is a deadbeat father. Moniece recently spoke to BOSSIP about the recent reports that Rich Dollaz owed $150, 000 of back child support. He is one of many 'Love and Hip Hop' guys who has owed child support.

Moniece says that he is not a deadbeat and has witnessed him being with his kids.

"He’s definitely not a deadbeat. I watch him in action with his other kids. He definitely realizes in situations like this, the child is the most important one who suffers. It’s really unfair. I do my best to support him and be that pillar he can lean on.”

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Rich Dollaz and Moneice Slaughter Relationship On The Rocks?

Rich Breaks Up with Moniece?

Are Rich Dollaz and Moneice Slaugter or is for a storyline for Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood which premiere it 2nd season this Monday? Two days Moniece posted a message on Instagram  indicating that Rich 'walked away from her' after he denied an engagement.

VH1 posted her message with a Maya Angelou quote saying "Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time"

She writes

"My heart is beyond broken. It aches so deeply. To know that I’ve evoked positive change in you, yet I unknowingly evoked such pain and rage has rocked me to my core. When i thought i couldn’t love anyone else, when I convinced myself that I didn’t want marriage and a family, i found you. You made me feel like a queen. Little did i know then, me trying to convince myself that I would never want those things was me simply trying to guard my heart because I never felt worthy. And then came you. We planned forever together. And today bended knee turned into the most painful day I’ve ever experienced. I do…til death do us part I do! It’s not about the cameras, it’s about us, and I do! I just want this day back, that moment and I need it to go the way you planned, the way I dreamed it would. No tears, no pain, love, smiles, kisses, hugs and happiness! #myheart #ido #momod @richiedollaz"

Friday, March 6, 2015

Moneice Slaughter (LHHH) Confirms She Is Dating Rich Dollaz "We Are In Love".. Listen Here

Moniece Confirms Dating Rich Dollaz

We've seen pic of them together and now 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Moniece Slaughter has finally come out to confirm that she is in fact dating Rich Dollaz. She says they are 'in love" and considering marriage in a exclusive interview with Have A Seat Radio this week.

She also went in Jhonni Blaze. She says their beef started when Jhonni Blaze commented on her son. There is also rumors that Rich Dollaz might appear on season 2 of 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Listen Here:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jhonni Blaze Reveals Erica Mena Refused To Film With Her and Slams Moneice For Dating Rich Dollaz

Jhonni Blaze Talks Sex With Rich Dollaz

'Love and Hip Hop: newcomer Jhonni Blaze appeared on Have A seat Radio and she spilled tea on air. In the video below, she admits that she did hit it with Rich Dollaz in the bathroom during that scene they had on the last episode.

She also reveals she got to know Rich Dollaz when they both bonded after her boyfriend's death. She thinks Erica Mena can't sing and reveals that Erica Mena refused to film with her in the show.  But the hot tea is when she went in on 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Moneice Slaughter. It's been rumored that Moneice has been dating Rich Dollaz.

After the interview, Moniece made a response on Twitter

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

HOT TEA: Is Lil Fizz's Ex Moniece Slaughter Dating Rich Dollaz?!

Rich Dollaz and Moniece Slaughter A Couple?

Did you all saw this coming? There have been rumors that Rich Dollaz and Moniece Slaghter, both from two different 'Love and Hip Hop' franchies, are dating. Moniece has hinted on social media recently that she is dating him.  She RTed a fan's tweet that said she is a fan that they are both together

She also called him "daddy" in a Instagram post according The Shade Room

Saturday, December 13, 2014

VIDEO: Morgan Hardman Reveals She Now Manages Moniece, Talks Childhood

Who Is Morgan Hardman?

I feel on 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' we did not know that much about Morgan Hardman on a personal level. She did had one scene where she briefly talked about her childhood with Yesi but that was it.

She did a new interview with GlobalGrind TV and she reveals more about her messed up childhood. She her now deceased mother was a crackhead and he and her brother were living in cars. She was also molested by the different men her mother had as a'boyfriend'. Morgan says, he mother did not believe her when she told her she was getting molested. She says her brothers blame her for going into foster after getting caught shoplifting for her mother and confessed she did not want to go home.

On a lighter now, she also reveals in the interview that she now manages Moniece's singing career and talk about she became Ray-J/s assistant.

Watch here:

Sunday, November 30, 2014

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Moniece Slaughter Talks Music Career and Says She Is NOT A Bad Mother

"I'm Not A Bad Mother'

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Moniece Slaughter was this week's guest on Have A Seat radio and she talked the drama with her and Lil Fizz.  She cleared the air that she is NOT a bad mother and they both have joint custody of their son. She revealed that she asked producers to show the scene where her and Fizz were arguing in the streets last episode because she wanted to clear her name.

We also learn more about her as a singer. She is the one who sings the America's Next Top Model theme song and sung on air for a fan.

Listen here!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

'Love and Hop Hop: Hollywood' Star Moniece Slaughter Reveals She Is Now Dating Songwriter Marques Anthony

Moniece's New Boo

Has Moniece finally moved on from Fizz? She reveals in a new Vh1 Interview that she has found a new boo. He is a a songwriter name Marques Anthony, who writes for Jamie Foxx. 

She says:

 "I actually am dating. I don’t know what’s going to happen with him. I don’t know if he’ll be coming on the show or not. I don’t know about that yet. I’m very happy. He’s amazing. He too is an artist, so it’s good cause our schedules are really hectic. I’m an emotional basket case so I’m weird, like some days I want to be with him every 2 seconds, and other days, I’m like I’m so glad I’m going to work while he has work. I’m so glad I’m going to the studio, while he’s going to the studio, so it’s weird. I totally adore him. So I don’t know."

She also reveals that one time she thought that she was a lesbian

 "Yeah, for like for five months. She lived with me, the whole nine yards. Fizz knows about this whole other phase in my life actually. He has me stored in his phone as like “Rainbow” and all sorts of crazy things. She tried to use toys on me and I felt like I was being taken advantage of and was totally like, this isn’t going to work. I can’t, I just can’t. So that’s how I actually came up with my heating system for the toys."

You can read the rest of the interview here

Thursday, October 2, 2014

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Star Moniece Slaughter Opens Up Why Lil Fizz Has Full Custody On Their Son

Photo: VH1

Moniece Talks Lil Fizz Retraining Order

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Moneice Slaughter is opening up in exclusive interview with Enstarz about why Lil Fizz filed a restraining order against her and why he has full custody of their child. So far, on the show Moniece has been portrayed as the 'bad parent' but in this interview she says Lil Fizz has not always been father of the year.

she reveals that Lil Fizz was NOT there when she was pregnant with their son

"During my pregnancy, he then turned around, left me in the house, no car, no groceries, no nothing-- Pregnant, about to pop... It was a big deal... And I'm like, "Really? Is this real life right now?" I said, "I gave you my last $20, I could've used it." And he used it to go bail, or like, pick up J. Boog from jail or something like that. It was crazy"

She also tells the site an altercation she had with him in result of a restraining order against her. She accused him of trying to take her child away from her ;then, Lil Fizz,  proceeded to tackle her which led her in jail and bruised up which led him full custody of their child.

"He came to my house and threatened to take my son, and never bring him home because at that time, he had already filed for custody. I hadn't responded through my attorney yet because if I had responded, he would've had no parental rights. I knew he couldn't pass a drug test. At that time, my support system was stronger. My parents were responsible for both Kamron and myself"... 
"So I didn't respond and he came to the house on my day to pick up my son, because his [Fizz] dad decided that he wanted to be a part of his sons' life all of the sudden. His father wanted to meet Kamron. I vowed that my son would know all of his family so I said, "Sure, come get him. You just have to bring him back early." He wanted to keep him for the entire weekend, and I said, "No.

"Then he said, "Well, if I really wanted to, I could take him and never bring him back because you didn't respond." So, I then grabbed the car seat and I said, "Ok, that's fine." I attempted to make it to his car. The empty car seat was the nearest thing I could see that I could f*@k his sh*t up with, and he tackled me before I even made it to the car".

"I was like bloodied. Like ridiculous... My arm was swollen, my knee was dislocated, my feet were cut up, my glasses were broken, I had a cement burn on my right shoulder and he was completely unscathed. His car wasn't touched and they were actually going to take him to jail.

She also gave  the back story on how they met. She met Lil Fizz when she was in a girl group and one of her members dated Omarian's younger brother. Initially, she wasn't into him. 

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