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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dr. Drew To Host 'Mob Wives 3' Reunion Show + Love Confirms Departure

Dr Drew Hosting Reunion Show

It has been announced that Dr. Drew will be hosting the 3rd season reunion of Mob Wives which was filmed over the weekend. Dr. Drew is no stranger to hosting reunion shows. He has hosted MTV's "Teen Mom" and even "Celebrity Rehab. Mob Wives the only the VH1 show to have three different reunion hosts each season. Wendy Williams hosted the season 1 reunion and last season, it was The View's Jot Behar.  

Fans who had the chance to go the reunion show and leaked out pics.

One fan described the reunion show as being "crazy"

As for the allegations that Love Mawjewski won't attend the reunion and being dropped from the show. She confirms the that it true. She says that she is  NOT ALLOWED to attend the reunion show and says that she was dropped from the show. 

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