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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VIDEOS: Dr. Drew On Bringing Back Celebrity Rehab "Anything Is Possible"

Celebrity Rehab Return?

Videos: Dr. Drew was on the Queen Latifah show today and was asked if he will bring hsi reality show 'Celebrity Rehab" he says "anything is possible" but confirms it come back anytime soon. I can't really blame him if he don't want to bring back the who because five cast members have passed away.

Do you the show should come back?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dr. Drew To Host 'Mob Wives 3' Reunion Show + Love Confirms Departure

Dr Drew Hosting Reunion Show

It has been announced that Dr. Drew will be hosting the 3rd season reunion of Mob Wives which was filmed over the weekend. Dr. Drew is no stranger to hosting reunion shows. He has hosted MTV's "Teen Mom" and even "Celebrity Rehab. Mob Wives the only the VH1 show to have three different reunion hosts each season. Wendy Williams hosted the season 1 reunion and last season, it was The View's Jot Behar.  

Fans who had the chance to go the reunion show and leaked out pics.

One fan described the reunion show as being "crazy"

As for the allegations that Love Mawjewski won't attend the reunion and being dropped from the show. She confirms the that it true. She says that she is  NOT ALLOWED to attend the reunion show and says that she was dropped from the show. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dr. Drew Releases Statement On Mindy McCready's Death

Dr. Drew Releases Statement

Dr. Drew has released a statement regarding Mindy McCready's death who shot herself in front porch this past weekend. She became the 3rd cast member from her season to pass away and the 5th cast member combined from the series,

Dr. Drew offered an official statement to Buzzfeed

I am deeply saddened by this awful news. My heart goes out to Mindy’s family and children. She is a lovely woman who will be missed by many. Although I have not treated her for a few years, I had reached out to her recently upon hearing about the apparent suicide of her boyfriend and father of her younger children. She was devastated. Although she was fearful of stigma and ridicule she agreed with me that she needed to make herhealth and safety a priority. Unfortunately it seems that Mindy did not sustain her treatment.
Mental health issues can be life threatening and need to be treated with the same intensity and resources as any other dangerous potentially life threatening medical condition. Treatment is effective. If someone you know is suffering please be sure he or she gets help and maintains treatment.

  Mackenzie Phillips, who was her roomate on the 3rd season of the show tells  TMZ "the tragedy is astounding"

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dr. Drew Accused Of Accepting Money From Drug Firm

Dr. Drew has been caught on a scandal of his own. It has been reported he took $275,000 in bribes from the drug company GlaxoSmithKline in exchange for promotion of their products. 

The company was fined 3 billion dollars after bosses admitted to bribing doctors such as Dr Drew with money and gifts. In return, doctors promoted their products.

Dr. Drew releases a statement saying  he was legally hired to take part in an a 'non-branded campaign.'

Rehab With Dr. Drew, which will feature regular patients instead of celebrities, will air this fall. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dr. Drew Says Amy Wineheouse Called Him To Seek Possible Treatment Shortly Before Her death

Could Dr. Drew Have Helped Her?

Dr Drew has revealed that the late Amy Winehouse called him to seek possible treatment shortly before her death. Unfortunately, her calls was never received due to his busy schedule. 

Dr. Drew has also stated that he does not believe she died of alcohol withdrawals.

"It's not what she died of, I can virtually guarantee you but it's an interesting reminder to all of us that alcohol is the only drug from which the withdrawal is commonly fatal," he explains. "You go down in a ball of fire. You get really really sick and you cease and you become encephalopathic and confused and your heart becomes erratic and it's not like you just drop dead like her parents are suggesting.

Experts think Amy Winehouse might died from having a seizure by quitting drinking cold turkey. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dr. Drew Says Jeff Conway Did Not Die From A Drug Overdose

Jeff Conway Did Not Die From Drug Overdose

Dr. Drew tells TMZ that Jeff Conway did not die from a drug overdose. He says there was no evidence of   a drug overdose. "This was aspiration with overwhelming pneumonia and sepsis."  Jeff Conway who was a cast member on "Celebriy Rehab" died last week after his family pulled him off life support.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dr. Drew Not Addicted to Fame

Dr. Drew Pinsky

TV QUACK finds out Dr. Drew Pinsky isn’t addicted to fame.

“I could take it or leave it,” Pinsky said of fame.

“I was very resistant to being on television… I never wanted it to interfere with my day job.
“Then…I realized that I’ve had these amazing opportunities and that maybe I should use TV to change the culture, so I spent the next 10 years shrinking my medical practice and developing partnerships where I could flexibly move around.
“And I’ve spent the past two to three years really focusing on TV and radio. That’s the next stage of my career, if it involves a public life or fame, so be it. I don’t know any other way of doing it, frankly.

“I’m not addicted to it — it’s just my job now.”

Friday, March 4, 2011

“VH1 News Presents: Charlie Sheen: Winning . . or Losing It?

Dr Drew Pinsky has dedicated his career to helping people overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Charlie Sheen has always seemed to live the life of a rock star with lots of sex and drugs but over the last few years his life has begun to spiral out of control and the recent spate of events surrounding Sheen have the world wondering, “What happened?” The one-hour special will premiere Monday, March 7th at 8pm* on VH1. Segments of the special will be available on following the on-air premiere.

Dr. Drew, the host of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” and one of the leading authorities on addiction will present a no-holds-barred examination of the relationship between celebrity addiction and narcissism. Drew will give viewers insight into one of the most intriguing celebrity meltdowns to date by analyzing Sheen’s recent behavior and giving his expert opinion on what could be wrong with him.

Dr. Drew is the host of the nationally syndicated late night radio show Loveline as well as a respected practicing MD, board certified in internal and addiction medicine, who is staff at Huntington Hospital and assistant clinical professor of KECK USC School of Medicine. He is the author of the New York Times best seller The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America (Harper Collins) and Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again (Harper-Collins.) Dr. Drew co-authored the first academic study on celebrities and narcissism that was published in the Journal of Research in Personality (Elsevier) in September 2006, and is the first systematic, empirical scholarly study of celebrity personality. Dr. Drew hosted VH1’s “Sober House” and “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew” and can be seen on MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “16 & Pregnant.” Additionally, Dr. Drew is hosting a new prime time show on HLN called “Dr. Drew” and will also be hosting a daytime syndicated talk show “Life Changers with Dr. Drew” on the CW Network coming Fall 2011.

“VH1 News Presents: Charlie Sheen: Winning..or Losing It? with Dr. Drew” is executive produced by Keith McKay for Peacock Productions. Additionally, Knute Walker and Benjamin Ringe serve as Executive Producers for Peacock Productions with Sharon Scott as Executive-in-Charge. Warren Cohen, Brad Abramson, Shelly Tatro and Jeff Olde are executive producers for VH1.

VH1 connects viewers to the music, artists and pop culture that matter to them most with TV series, specials, live events, exclusive online content and public affairs initiatives. VH1 is available in 98 million households in the U.S. VH1 also has an array of digital channels and services including VH1Classic, VH1 Soul, VH1 Mobile, VH1Games and extensive broadband video on Connect with VH1 at


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen Puts Dr. Drew On Blast

Charlie Sheen Fires Back At Dr. Drew

If you have been living under rock these past few days, Charlie Sheen has become the center attention in the media. regarding his odd behavior. He recently did numerous of interview setting the record straight and one of them was the Piers Morgen Show. He comments on Dr Dre by mocking him and said  “That’s ridiculous — to have a prognosis on someone you’ve never been in the same room with? Come on.” after he saw a clip of Dr. Drew's appearance on the show  talking about him days ago.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dr. Drew Hospitalized For Bacterial Infection

Dr. Drew has been hospitalized for a bacterial infection. he became ill this month while he went a trip with his wife to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

He quotes::  "Seems I may have picked up Leptospirosis in the West Indies. This is just brutal."

Let's hope he gets better


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dr. Drew Apologizes to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

So Dr. Drew Apologize for the Comment He made about Angelina & Brad Pitts Marriage  check out what he said
I do not know Brad or Angelina (and) I certainly don't want to be saying things that could be perceived as hurtful for them, or harmful for them in any way," Dr. Drew explains.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dr. Drew Predicts Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Heading For ‘Phenomenal Meltdown’

Just add up a couple things. There’s no such thing as ‘I was a heroin addict.’ That doesn’t exist in nature. Something is going on with [Jolie's] addiction. Or she’s in recovery. And I don’t see any evidence that’s the case. So we’ve got one person who’s a heroin addict. Which is a chronic lifelong condition, period. We have another person who has said things like, “Well, Jennifer [Aniston] was into long-term relationships, that’s just her way of looking at things.” I mean, that demeaning attitude towards other people’s emotions. Now put those two people together and you have got a really volatile situation. And they’re constantly creating things to weld themselves together. Which is only going to serve to make a more nuclear eruption. There will be some sort of meltdown that will be phenomenal when it does happen.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dr. Drew Speaks On Miley cyrus

Dr. Drew speaks on the latest Miley Cyrus scandal of her smoking a bong. He says due to her parents divorce , she is acting out and suffering. 

“We know that she’s going to be acting out now because her family’s in trouble, so it’s not unusual to see depression manifesting as various kinds of acting out behaviors,” Dr. Drew Pinsky told Access Hollywood. “Adolescents don’t get depressed the way adults do. They don’t get sad and cry and withdraw. They often act out and become irritable, they act out with drugs and…get in trouble and she seems to be suffering.”

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dr. Drew Gets HLN Show

Dr. Drew
HLN, the softer-news sister of CNN, is adding a talk show in prime time hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky, the celebrity doctor who has a suite of rehab reality shows on VH1.
The channel said Monday that Dr. Pinsky, better known among his fans as Dr. Drew, would start the show next spring. Oddly, the channel did not specify a time slot.
HLN currently features “Issues” with Jane Velez-Mitchell at 7 p.m. Eastern, “Nancy Grace” at 8 and “The Joy Behar Show” at 9. “Nancy Grace” is replayed at 10 p.m., so that time slot is a sensible one for Dr. Pinsky’s program.
In a news release, HLN downplayed Dr. Pinsky’s television credentials and played up that he is a “practicing physician who is also board certified in internal and addiction medicine.” Dr. Pinsky has a private practice and is on staff at Huntington Memorial Hospital.
The channel said his talk show would tackle “a broad range of subjects every night,” including relationships, addiction and “finding constructive ways to navigate common struggles facing parents and their children alike.” Certainly he will be analyzing the celebrities and crime cases that HLN covers at other hours of the day.
Dr. Pinsky has been a media figure for decades, going back to 1984, when he was the host of the radio show “Loveline.” More recently. his personal brand has been burnished — or blemished, some would say — by “Celebrity Rehab,” “Sober House” and “Sex Rehab” on VH1. “Celebrity Rehab” is in its fourth 


Friday, September 10, 2010

Warner Bros. Pitches 'Dr. Drew' Talk Show

Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution is beginning to make dates with key TV station groups to pitch a new syndicated talk show featuring Dr. Drew Pinsky for fall 2011, according to industry sources. Pinsky, known as Dr. Drew, and Warner Bros.' Telepictures announced in April that they were developing the show. Dr. Drew is best known for hosting reality shows like VH1's "Celebrity Rehab."

Earlier this year, Pinsky, an internist who is board certified in addiction medicine, was being considered for "Lifechangers," a spinoff of Warner Bros.' Extra. But that show didn't pan out. The new show is said to be an informational hour. Telepictures taped a couple of pilots with Pinsky over the past few months, according to sources.

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