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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

K. Michelle's New Reality Show Premieres Fall 2014

Spin Off Show Coming Soon

Reality Show Today, VH1 finally confirmed when we will be seeing K. Michelle's new reality show. The new show, which has yet to be titled, is expected to premiere later this fall. 

The show will be about how she balances her life as a singer and a mother. It will be a differnet side of K. Michelle we have not seen before.

VH1 has also announced a string of other new shows coming later this year, such as a new scripted show "Hindsight, I Heart Nick Carter, and 'White Girls Of Rap'

Check out more details here

Friday, May 10, 2013

'Black Ink Crew" Returns Fall 2013 and Dutchess Is NOT A Stripper

I got some more 'Black Ink crew" news for this week. We can expect the see the 2nd season of the show this fall so stay tune. early this week, I blogged about VH1 tweeting that season 2 is on it's way. 

Black Ink Crew Dutchess And Ceaser At King Of Diamonds

But the big rumor that came from the blogs yesteraday was the whole Ducthess strippyng allegations. I will can tell you exclusively that she is NOT a stripper.

Ceaser says exclusively that  she was not stripping, it was an exotic dance that she did and it he also added that he would never let his girl do somethng like that. Dutchess herself also told VH1 today taht times are not hard for her and she not working as a dancer. 

“I am NOT working at KOD as a dancer and times are definitely NOT hard for me,”  “I make more money off camera than I make on TV to be quite honest.”

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