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Sunday, December 27, 2015

K. Michelle Announces She Returning To 'LHATL' For Season 5

K. Michelle Returning to 'LHATL'

It looks like K. Michelle will be coming back Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta for the upcoming 5th season. She recently announced the news on stage at one of her concert  K. Michelle left the show back in season 2 to focus on her music. We are looking forward to see her back the show that put her on the map.

Her spin-off will be coming back in January for a 2nd season. 

Here is the  Video

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eryka Kane To Have Meeting With Mona Scott Young About "Love and Hip Hop: Chicago'

More 'Love and Hip Hop: Chicago News

Rapper Eryka Kane might become an offical cast member for Love and Hip Hop: Chicago.She tweeted today that she will be having a meeting with Mona Scott Young about the show.

Last week, there drama between her and Shawna when she hosted the casting party for the show. She addresses it on Youtube.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alleged Cast Members Address 'Love and Hip Hop: Chicago" Rumors

I have some more news on Love and Hip Hop: Chicago. Apparently, there has been some drama going around during the pilot stage of the show.  The alleged cast members from the show which are: Eryka Kane, Sidney Starr, Seandale, Velo of Do or Die , Shawna are addressing some rumors and  drama behind the scenes of the show and the cameras aren't even rolling yet.

According to Tha Drill 

"Meetings were held with a group of investors who thought a reality show would be a great project to launch in Chicago due to the size of the market, the talent and the tax advantages offered to producers who film in the market. The investors reached out to  Lani Pop, Sidney Starr, Eryka Kane, Seandale, Belo of Do or Die and Shawana, to be possible anchors to launch the reality show. At the meeting with investors, everyone was informed of the goal, which was to shoot a pilot for presentation to  Monami Entertainment.  On April 13th 2013, a casting call and party was hosted by Eryka Kane at her mansion home, in Burbank Illinois. At this casting call people auditioned from 5pm until 8pm and then turnt up throughout the night until the last die hard party girl, woke up on the coach and finally exited the party house at 9:00am, insiders revealed. It seems the flier released to promote the casting call allegedly caused Hip Hop Artist Shawnna to become irate due to her rival, Hip Hop Artist Eryka Kane’s picture being portrayed larger than life on the flier. This reportedly led Shawana’s management to call Monami Entertainment in an attempt to sabotage the whole project. Shawnna’s management reportedly called Monami’s offices asking Mona’s assistants “Did Mona call Shawana in for an audition?” Clearly, Shawana’s management knew that the idea was to shoot a pilot for presentation to Monami. No one ever said Mona was holding the auditions. These investors were attempting to bring Chicago’s talent to Mrs. Young. It just goes to show how narrow minded some artists can be to sabotage something they themselves were a part of, just because the person hosting the party had a bigger picture on a flier? How caddy…. Shawnna, being the “trust fund” baby she claims to be should have no problem hosting her own event in her Daddy’s mansion right? So why all the hate, just throw your own party and make your picture big on the flier for God sake

Power 92.3 interviewed them about the whole ordeal

Friday, April 12, 2013

Love and Hip Hop: Chicago: The Rumored Cast Members

Who Is Rumored To Be On The Show?

Chicago will be the next  city that the  franchise will heading to and from I heard it is currently shooting. Casting started since December of 2012 and  Ms. Breezy, who was on VH1's Master of the Mix, posted on n her Facebook page that this Saturday she will be at the casting party for the show.

So who is rumored to be on the Chicago version? Well so far there has been three RUMORED female cast members and one CONFIRMED male cast member.

The Rumored Cast Members:

Sidney Starr

She is a transgender hip hop dance artist and last month she uploaded a audition tape for the show.

Lanipop Thomas

She has a model, rapper and future dancer.


You might remember her for doing that song "What's Your Fantasy" with rapper Ludacris back in 2001

Confirmed Cast Member

Josh Lord

He tweeted the other day that he is shooting the show

as for Love and Hip Hop:Miami Mona Scott Young has said on Twitter that it Miami will not happen... at not just yet. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Love and Hip Hop" Franchise Heading To Chicago?

Love and Hip Hop: Chicago?

The Love and Hip Hop franchise might be heading  to another city.  A Youtube video was posted the other day any Sidney Starr, who is transgender hip hop artist. She is auditioning to be on the Chicago version of the show.   Fakeshoredrive reports that Shawna is a rumored cast member. 

Would like to see Love and Hip Hop: Chicago? A Miami version is already in the works and will most likely to premiere this fall. 

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