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Thursday, July 17, 2014

VIDEO: Stevie J Speaks On Reunion Fight + Castmembers Want Joseline Fired

Stevie J Speaks On Reunion Fight

Stevie J spoke to Hot 97 this morning about the fight that happened two days during season 3 reunion taping of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

He tells them that now on was seriously injured but Benzino threw a puch at Joseline

“Once he tried to put his hands on my chick, I can’t be his friend,” he said. “I’m done with it. I don’t have no problem with nobody. I don’t want to be associated with somebody who wants to hit girls.”

Claudia Jordan spilled some tea about what happened on Dish Nation. She says an inside source told her that fight got started because Stecvie J and Joseline complained how hot it was and Benzino threw shade at them saying "Why don't lay off the coke?"

It has also come out that cast members of the show want Joseline fired. TMZ reports today that Joseline bit the flesh off a security guard.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Mob Wives' Producer Jennifer Graziano Says Former Cast Members Wanted More Money

Reality:  Renee's sister , Jennifer Graziano, who is one of the producers and the creator  of Mob Wives is speaking out about the casting changes and why the former castmembers were not on season 4. A lot of fans assume that Natalie and Alicia were replacing the old castmembers. 

Jennifer did an interview with Buzz Feed TV and says that Carla, Ramona, Karen and even Love did not show for season 4 because they were not happy with their contracts. Apparently, Jennifer says that they wanted to get paid more money for season 4 and VH1 would not do it. She called Karen multiple times telling her about filming season 4, but she never showed.

She also discusses the Drita spin off show and says that it might possibly happen. 

Watch the interview


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jackie Christie Confirms Four New Cast Members For 'Basketball Wives LA'

Photo: VH1

Four New Cast Members

Realty News:  It looks like Brandi Maxwell and Sundy Carter won't the only two new cast members for the new season of 'Basketball Wives: LA' Jackie Christie confirms there will be four new female cast members for the upcoming 3rd season as tells The Socialite  in an interview.

'It’s going fantastic…I can’t give away much, but I can definitely say I’m back, Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo, and then four new girls that’s just absolutely amazing. On no, they will not allow me to do that [identify the four new girls]; I wish I could. But stay tuned, because pretty soon, they’re going to announce everybody. But I think it kind of got leaked out a little bit that someone had saw there were two new cast members, but they made it very clear for us not to speak about that. I can say they’re exciting, they’re going to shock a lot of people, and this is going to be our best season yet.'

She also defends Shaunie O Neal after Laura Govan went in on her about the franchise

'Yeah I actual did hear about it, and I feel like everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and I feel like Shaunie has done a great thing. I have to take my hat off to Shaunie first and foremost. Not only is she one of my closest friends, I respect her; I feel like I’m a part of her franchise, and I’m proud of the show. I feel like there’s a lot of girlfriends and fiancĂ©es and everything just in general, but it’s okay. The show is titled Basketball Wives, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean wives. It could be an ex-wife, like with the Miami version, a lot of them are ex-wives, but they are wives. So I think it’s more about the females involved with professional athletes, basketball athletes world. That’s what I think the show is basically saying. So our show this season without giving it away, there’s about three or four wives actually on Basketball Wives: LA. So it is what it is. I don’t really know what happened as far as how that conversation came about with Laura making those comments, so I’d be speaking out of turn, but I look at what Shaunie has done in only a positive light. And not only Shaunie, but Shed Meida, VH1, everybody.'

Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Rumored Cast Members For The Potential 'Love and Hip Hop' Spin Off's

More Rumored Cast Members

Rumors: So we all know Mona Scott Young is working three potential new 'Love and Hip Hop spin off's for LA, Houston and New Orleans. ONE of these cities will get picked to be next new spin off.

We can already single out Leyota Luckett and Slim Thug out for 'Love and Hip Hop: Houston. But according to Sandra Rose Blog more rumored cast members have been announced.

Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrucheche Tran, Bow Wow's baby mama Miss Joie, Tyga, Christina Milian's boyfriend Jas Prince have been RUMORED to casted in one of the new cities. 

Her blog also says that if the LA one gets picked that Ray-J will be co-producing the show and will have his own drama. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Photos: Jackie Shooting 'Basketball Wives' LA' Season 3 With The Two New Cast Members


Jackie Spotted Filming The New  Season

Reality News: Jackie Christie was spotted filming the show's 3rd season with the new cast members, Brandi Maxwell and Sunday Carter ( Who appeared on the 1st episode last season)

We can now confirm the cast for season 3


Brooke, The Govan sisters ans Bambi won't be returning. I think Bambi might appear on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta season 2 since now she is dating Lil Scrappy. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meet The New Cast Members Of 'Love and Hip Hop: NY' Season 4

The New Cast Members

Reality News: The 4th season of 'Love and Hip Hop NY' will premiere next month We all know the next season is basically getting makeover. Raqi, Consquence, Jen, and Wynter Ramos were dropped from the show adding K. Michelle to the mix to introduce her new spin off show.

Below are the new people who will be joining.  Haveaseatblog exclusively posted photos and their info excluding two of them.

Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz

Part of an American rap duo and best known for the hit "Deja Vu" (Uptown Baby)


She was in the group Black Buddafly with her siblings.

Saigon Rapper.jpg

He is a rapper and a actor who appeared on HBO's 'Entourage"

Monday, August 19, 2013

Shaunie O'Neal Says 'Basketball Wives LA" Starts Taping This Month + Will Have New Cast Members

Reality News: Shaunie O Neal did a new interview with S2Smagazine about the new season of "Basketball Wives" which airs tonight. 

She gives an update on what's going on with 'Basketball Wives LA'. She confirms that season 3 will start taping this month and it will have some cast members!

 "L.A. is coming back. They’ll be starting to tape in August. We’re getting a facelift thing done to L.A….actually, done. It’s not being done. It’s done. Expect some new cast members, not all."

As for her season, she says that Evelyn's domestic violence will be a big story line because they started filming right after  it happened. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

More New Cast Members For 'Love and Hip Hop: NY' Season 4?

Who Are They?

Reality News: It looks like more new cast members will be joining the cast of 'Love and Hip Hop NY season 4 which currently filming. It has already bee reported that rapper Saigon has bee rumored to be joining the cast.

Haveaseatblog exclusively reports the two other cast members that will join the show.

"Someone who works on set of the show has put out a caption and video confirming in fact that Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly have joined the cast. K. Michelle has also left ATL to complete her album in NYC. She will be added to the New York cast, and this should be funny how she will act around the NYC cast." 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alleged Cast Members Address 'Love and Hip Hop: Chicago" Rumors

I have some more news on Love and Hip Hop: Chicago. Apparently, there has been some drama going around during the pilot stage of the show.  The alleged cast members from the show which are: Eryka Kane, Sidney Starr, Seandale, Velo of Do or Die , Shawna are addressing some rumors and  drama behind the scenes of the show and the cameras aren't even rolling yet.

According to Tha Drill 

"Meetings were held with a group of investors who thought a reality show would be a great project to launch in Chicago due to the size of the market, the talent and the tax advantages offered to producers who film in the market. The investors reached out to  Lani Pop, Sidney Starr, Eryka Kane, Seandale, Belo of Do or Die and Shawana, to be possible anchors to launch the reality show. At the meeting with investors, everyone was informed of the goal, which was to shoot a pilot for presentation to  Monami Entertainment.  On April 13th 2013, a casting call and party was hosted by Eryka Kane at her mansion home, in Burbank Illinois. At this casting call people auditioned from 5pm until 8pm and then turnt up throughout the night until the last die hard party girl, woke up on the coach and finally exited the party house at 9:00am, insiders revealed. It seems the flier released to promote the casting call allegedly caused Hip Hop Artist Shawnna to become irate due to her rival, Hip Hop Artist Eryka Kane’s picture being portrayed larger than life on the flier. This reportedly led Shawana’s management to call Monami Entertainment in an attempt to sabotage the whole project. Shawnna’s management reportedly called Monami’s offices asking Mona’s assistants “Did Mona call Shawana in for an audition?” Clearly, Shawana’s management knew that the idea was to shoot a pilot for presentation to Monami. No one ever said Mona was holding the auditions. These investors were attempting to bring Chicago’s talent to Mrs. Young. It just goes to show how narrow minded some artists can be to sabotage something they themselves were a part of, just because the person hosting the party had a bigger picture on a flier? How caddy…. Shawnna, being the “trust fund” baby she claims to be should have no problem hosting her own event in her Daddy’s mansion right? So why all the hate, just throw your own party and make your picture big on the flier for God sake

Power 92.3 interviewed them about the whole ordeal

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