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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Natalie Nunn Confirms She Had A Miscarriage


'We Had Complications'

Natalie Nunn is finally putting the rumors to rest about her not being pregnant. Late last year , she revealed to Lifestyle magazine that she was pregnant with her first child with Jacob Payne but recent pics of her surfaces showing her having a flat belly which people think she was faking her pregnancy for attention.

She now did an exclusive interview today with Oxygen confirming that they were 'complications' in her pregnancy

"I know a lot of fans were wondering about it, but I haven't spoken about things because it's been extremely hard. Hard times are best to share with family and loved ones when it's new! I just want to respect my husband, and make sure that all the sad stuff that we went through is understood."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bambi Says Her Miscarriage Wasn't A Publicty Stunt For The Show

Miscarriage Was No Publicity Stunt

We all Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is known for creating publicity stunts, so when Bambi had her miscarriage on the show, many viewers thought it was just another publicity stunt and a storyline.

But Bamvi is making it clear that her losing the baby was not for attention. S2smagazine reports

“I didn’t really think that people would think something like that would be made up for ratings or for a joke,” she said. “The fact that people thought that was made up was really disturbing to me. That was one of the reasons why we just decided to release the discharge papers and be totally open. I chose to do reality TV. I let them be apart of it.” 

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