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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bambi Explains Why She Rode That Pink Bike To Scrappy's House

Why Did She Use A Bike?

Reality: There was one scene that got everyone ( including me) all confused on the premiere episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and Bambi riding that pink bike with a princess basket to Scrappy's house. Did she not have a car? Do they both live close by? Those were some questions people were asking.

Bambi responded to the bike jokes to Bossip. She says the jokes were unexpected and reveals they both live a mile away from each other.

"I'm a California girl. We have bikes and beach cruisers so we ride our bikes around the neighborhood. It's probably why we're so fine and have wonderful beautiful legs and stuff."  "I like to ride my bike and I love to pull up on him," she said. "Especially when I'm trying to creep so he won't hear the engine."

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