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Thursday, June 11, 2015

'Basketball Wives: LA' Season 4 Spoilers!

Season 4 Spoilers

'Basketball Wives: LA season 4 premieres in one month we already seen leaked videos of the first few episodes and now spoilers have now leaked out of all 12 episodes and it looks like its going to be another season of Jackie being manipulative.

Season 4 spoilers:

-Jackie spits on Mehgan and she Meghan plans on revenge
-Brandi and Malaysia starts to question Draya's friendship
-Draya introduces the girls to Angel she and Meghan get into a brawl
-Tami Roman does not appear until episode 09
- The group gets divided between the Miami girls and the LA girls
-The girls go to Puerto Rico

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amina Buddafly Regrets Marrying Peter Gunz + Reunion Rumors/Spoilers

Photo: VH1

Amina Regrets Marrying Peter

Reality:  Amina Buddafly is finally realizing marrying Peter Gunz was a huge mistake. She tells CococaFab that she regrets marrying him after he was still screwing around with his baby mama Tar while being married to her.

“That’s the reason why him and even me now says that we regret it.  We didn’t get married like every other couple. It was just a spontaneous thing that probably should not have happened.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t married to him,” 

Speaking of the show, the reunion was filmed  two days ago and rumors/spoilers have been circulating the net today.

Here is a few

-Cyn and Erica Mena split becasue Erica is screwing Rich Dollaz

-Erica Mena and Ny Lee fight at the reunion
Amina says she is pregnant
Tara is stull screwing Tara
Amina files for divorce

New Host

It has been reported too that Oscar winner Monique will be hosting the reunion show instead of Mona Scott Young

Monday, July 15, 2013

'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 2 Reunion Show - Rumors/Spoilers

What Went Down?

Reality News: Over the weekend, the season 2 reunion show was filmed and fans who were there, already took pics. But what went down at the reunion? Here are some spoilers/rumors: all credit goes to HaveASeatblog

First off we already know that scrappy and Erica left the reunion show early because of a family emergency with their daughter.

Here are some others:

-Karlie Redd got some new teeth and once again no one clapped for her
-Che Mack did NOT attend the reunion  show
-Rasheeda served Kirk with divorce papers on camera
-Stevie and Joseline are in fact married. 

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