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Friday, June 9, 2017

Karen King Invited Back To "#LHATL Reunion Show After Exposing Tommie

Karen King  Attending Reunion

The cast of Love and Hip hop: Atlanta filmed their season 6 reunion show on May 31st. @VH1LHH tea spilled some tea one what went down. Dime ansd Treasure P got into an argument, only 2/3 of Jasmine, Rod and Keonna showed up at the reunion, Tommie and Treasure P got into and Moriah/Sierra still got beef.

Karen King initially was not invited to the reunion show after she exposed Tommie on social media last month, but producers invited her back


Here are some reunion spoilers in courtesy of @Vh1LHHtea

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Karen King EXPOSES Tommie On IG Live After Tommie Calls Her 'Fake'

 KK Exposes Tommie On IG Live

Today, Tommie and Karen King of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' went at it on Instagram. It all started when Tommie post an instagram calling KK 'fake' about her drinking. Apparently, Tommie did not like that KK was budding in at her family business on last night's episode on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta'

 Tommie not called out her but also her sons


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Tommie fired and spilled on the tea on her on IG live which is an hour long. 

Cliff notes,

She says Tommie used to work for her doing credit card scams Tommie stole from her while scamming 10 racks -her nephew told her and she stopped talking to Tommie for 5 years

Karen put Tommie on to love and hip hop.Tommie tried out for love and hip hop years before but they thought she was a clown.

Tommie was a drunk when she use to work for her falling asleep on the job... Tommie currently (according to Karen) falls asleep in her backyard (drunk) and her kids step over her

Tommie tried to fuck kk lawyer so she could use him as a sugar daddy but Tommie was not good enough for him

Tommie wears Steve Madden

Producers put the spotlight on Tommie while filming and cater to her and also treat kk like shit.. but when Tommie is fighting and being aggressive in other scenes they call kk to calm Tommie down

Tommie told ms deb that kk thinks her house is dirty .. deb called kk and said she believes tommie cus kk been to her house .. kk don't care but she didn't have a problem with deb and she never said it, but she won't kiss anyone's ass and Tammy (waka wife) has been acting funny with her so she knows it's something Tommie told her

Tommie wanted joseline to sleep with her so she could get more scenes she figured joseline was the way to get exposure .. even though kk warned her

Kk thinks joseline is smart and using the platform to rub shoulders with white people:mainstream and the other girls on the show aren't

Kk calls herself d list as well as the other cast members

kk says she's too old to fight but she will fight Tommie for charity I.e Chris and soulja

Erika won't let kk see her child due to her relationship with tommie ...she thinks Tommie is volatile..kk stuck with Tommie cus she said no one can tell her what to do..she now regrets that decision

kk is more hurt than angry..she should have never went on tv after the allegation of her killing her husband was too fresh and the scrutiny was heavy

kk may get fired after saying some of this but she don't care

tommie texted her and said kk put her kids in jail and talked shit about her youngest son

tommie got work done by some doctor for free but I don't know if she was supposed to do promo for the office or something but she never has maybe they tryna find her ETA she was supposed to pay them lol never did. don't know how the hell she got away with that

kk has had million dollar homes and employed people legally and illegally..Tommie knows and has seen her build one of her million dollar homes from scratch..and Tommie was fuckin the Lebanese guy across the street - the one who owned the restaurant

Here is the video

Thursday, May 11, 2017

VIDEO: 'LHATL' Star Tommie Lee Gets Kicked Off The Plane Over Alcohol

 Tommie Lee Kicked Off The Plane

Tommie Lee from 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' is at it again. TMZ released a video today showing her getting kicked off at a Delta Airline over alcohol we all  know that Tommie has a drinking problem after seeing her on the show.

TMZ reports she was asked by a stewardess to step off the plane. Her rep tells TMZ that she was NOT intoxicated

Here is the video

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tommie Lee Shuts Down Rumors That She Got Fired From 'LHATL' On Instagram

 Tommie NOT Fired From 'LHATL'

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee took to Instagram recently to shut down rumors that she was supposedly fired from the show. On insagram, she write " Know we don't fuck with them rumors #tommieshit"

Thursday, March 23, 2017

FOOTAGE: Tommie Lee Tries To Fight Karlie Redd While Still Filming 'LHATL'

 Tommie Tries To Figtht Karlie Redd

SPOILER ALERT! It looks like Tommie is still not done with Karlie Redd. After that fake hug she gave her on the last episode. 

 @lhhtea a spilled some tea that Tommie and newbie Lovely Mimi ( which will be introduced next week) tried to fight Karlie Redd while still filming the show. The were filming at the Blue Ivory Club when Tommie confronted Karlie flow calling Lovely Mimi a clown

The footage shows security slamming Tommie on the ground because she could not get to Karlie


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