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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Buddha's Natural Hair Drama

I Love New York's Buddha mocks two natural hair video bloggers on Youtube. He addresses the "natural hair drama" between the two vloggers. He even has a wig on.

In other news, Buddha recent;y appeared on The CW show 90210.

I Love Money 4 - Episode 8 Airs Tonight @ 10PM (eastern time)

I can't believe this show is almost over. We have 5 episodes to go. Make sure you tune tonight at 10PM watch episode 8 of I Love Money 4.

2010 VH1access Awards - Best VH1 Male Reality Star Of 2010 - VOTE NOW

We are a little late with the award show. But now it's here! Each week you will vote the winner of each category.

This Week

We've had are fair share of VH1 male reality stars this year. These six guys made the nomination list for being the most memorable for this year.

Nominees Are....

Angelo (Tool Academy 3)

On Tool Academy  season 3 which aired early this year we were introduced to Angelo who was best known crying a lot on the show. He was runner-up.

The Entertainer (Frank The Entertainer... A Basement Affair)

VH1 started of 2010 with Frank's dating show called Frank The Entertainer... A Basemen Affair. His quest to find love, which of course did not happen.

Francisco ( I Love Money 4)

We were lucky enough to know more about Francisco since VH1 deicided to air I Love Money 4. He is one of the strong players on the show.

Chi Chi ( I Love Money 4)

Chi Chi came back on VH1 this year on I Love Money 4, but he lost. He was involved is a love triangle between him, Brittanya and 20 Pack on the show.

Punisher ( I Love Money 4)

We were also lucky enough to see more of Punisher on I Love Money 4 since he did went far on Megan Wants a Millionaire.  He is one of the strongest male players on the show.

Phillip (Money Hungry)

Money Hungry would be boring without this dude. Phillip was the star of that show. Very funny and entertaining to watch.

Winner will be announce Sunday November 7th

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby - Premiere Recap

Mario Lopez: Saved By The Baby - Premiere Recap

Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza are three months away from parenthood! But the idea of fatherhood hasn't quite hit Mario yet. As he tries to juggle his crazy work schedule, he's also moving into a new house and, on top of that, he's dealing with a six-month pregnant woman! As if this balancing act wasn't enough pressure Courtney desperately wants to learn the sex of the baby in advance but Mario wants to keep it a surprise. Can Mario convince Courtney that knowing the babies gender is worth waiting for?

Did You Enjoy Mario Lopez's New VH1 Show? Vote NOW

Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It - Episode 3 Recap

Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It - Episode 3 Recap

When Bret brings Raine along to visit some children dealing with diabetes, he's reminded of what's important in life. Back out on the road and missing his daughters, Bret flies Kristi and the girls out to meet him in Pittsburgh, PA for a show. Life on tour turns out to be different with the family in tow. Is it just what Bret needed or a recipe for disaster?

Bret Michaels & Miley Cyrus Mom Dated?

US Weekly is reporting that an affair between the country wife and the rock-star is to blame for the Cyrus divorce. ccording to the magazine, Michaels and Trish started carrying o an affair after Miley recorded her racy duet Nothing to Lose with Bret last February. All was well until Billy Ray learned of the affair and he tossed Trish out on her Aiky Breaky bum. Both Trish and Michaels are denying that an affair ever took place.

New Details on Audrina Patridge's Vh1 Reality Show

audrina patridge talks vh1 reality show
Perez Hilton Gets the Deets on Her new vh1 show
After getting kicked off Dancing with the Stars, Audrina Patridge isn't too sad considering she's got a new reality show in the works.
And she's got all the deets on her "real" and "raw" VH1 debut!
Audrina said:
“Well, it’s not going to be set-up. It’s going to be my life. I’m really going to open up and take them (my fans) on that journey with me and trying to make it in Hollywood.

[On] The Hills, I was kind of in a bubble. That was my Hills life. This is going to be more about me and what I did when I wasn’t filming The Hills with my other friends and with pursuing my career.”
The show may even air at the same time as Lauren Conrad's new MTV show, but that doesn't phase Audrina.

She added:
“I don’t think we’re competition because we’re two different people. Hers is about fashion and she is the reality queen. She’s done it for a long time but it’s two different shows so… I don’t think there’s a lot of competition there.”


Monday, November 1, 2010

Fantasia Fox Theatre 1/1/2011


Fantasia has announced details regarding her very first headlining tour entitled "Back To Me." The 30-city tour will begin on November 4 th and will conclude by bringing in the New Year on January 1 st in St. Louis

Vh1s Kerry Vs. MTV Jersey Shores Angelina AGAIN!

Radaronline : Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick and Kerry Schwartz from VH1's Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair will settle their ongoing beef once and for all in a BIG Bang Celebrity Wrestling match December 4 at Trump's Taj Mahal, has learned.

TMZ: Pilar Sanders Greedy with her Mansion?

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Tmz : Deion Sanders' wife Pilar was the #1 problem during the taping of VH1's "Football Wives" -- as in, she refused to let anyone on the production team pee in any of the 13 toilets in her Texas mansion.

Sources connected with production tell us Pilar was incredibly protective of the crappers in her 109 acre, 10 bedroom, 13 bathroom estate in North Texas ... and directed the crew to her pool house.

Pilar also had issues with her co-stars -- we're told since the show wrapped, she's stopped talking to the other women. But sources close to Pilar say its "completely false."

Football Wives - Episode 2 Recap

Football Wives - Episode 2 Recap

Chanita and her husband George are anxiously waiting to find out whether or not he is going back to the "big show" but a conflicted Chanita knows that the opportunity also always comes with the danger of George being seriously hurt. We see the real effects pro ball has on the athletes and the families. More tension arises during a golf game gone bad as frenemies Dawn and Chanita start bickering about parenting. Brittany and David discuss what it's like being a girlfriend and not a wife, before a heated game of beer pong breaks out.

Fantasia For Real 2 - Episode 7 Recap

Fantasia For Real 2 - Episode 6 Recap

This was the most intense episode this season.  It started off with Fantasia's emotional interview on camera explaining her attempted suicide. She talked about her meeting with her lawyer and then she talked about that night where she took those pills. she says" If I don't wake up, that's ok too" Then she became to sob in front on front of the camera, it was very intense.

Her daughter Zion wasn't aware of what was happening with her mother. But she knew that something was up. Fantasia was concerned for her. Aretha Franklin called while she was at the hospital recovering and she says that Fantasia was a strong woman. She also received text from Antwaun Cook ( the guys she was involved in) in the text he said 

"I know you are holding up because you are a fighter. I'm sorry you have to deal with what you are dealing with . I'm always going to be here for you."

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