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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tionna Smalls Slams Shaunie O'Neal

Tionna Smalls Slams Shaunie

"What Chilli Wants" matchmaker defending Meeka's possible departure on "Basketball Wives" and slams Shaunie O' Neal by calling her an "unprofessional" producer on  Twitter

@ Boss Tionna Smalls 

Tough Love Miami Promo Photo

Yesterday we Posted the cast photo's here is the promo with everyone together. Mark you calendars October 2nd it premieres. 

Evelyn Quits "Basketball Wives" Due To Terrell Owens Rumor?

Evelyn Quits "Basketball Wives"?

"Basketball Wives" season 4 has not even started yet and already there is drama surrounding the show. Today TMZ reported that Evelyn Lozada is quting "Basketball Wives" due to a rumor VH1 posted on their blog about her cheating on Chad Ochocinco with Terrell Owens. She says it is UNTRUE and she is furious with the network and she feels they betrayed her.

Now she is saying she is quitting the show FOR GOOD.


Her Tweets:

Update on Meeka's departure:
VH1 has confirmed that there are still not sure if Meeka will return next season, despite of what TMZ said.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tough Love Couples: Where are they Now?

Tough Love Couples: Where Are They Now

Click the link below to find out what happened to the cast of Tough Love Couples

Omar is returning to Single Ladies Season 2

In an Recent interview with Travis Winfrey who plays Omar says VH1 is negoiating his contract.

Charlie : Well it may be too early to ask, but is there anything you can tell us about season 2?

Travis: Actually I really can't because I have no idea yet. It's a secret to everyone right now. No one knows anything about it. We're negotiating my contract, so I guess they want Omar back! Yayyy! [laughter].

VH1 Cameras Not Allowed Into Halfway House To Film T.I.

TMZ Reports that VH1 were not allowed to film T.I's show in the halfway house. the show premieres Dec. 5th 2011.

Lala in the Tuxedo Dress

La La Vazquez

Here is a new pic Lala Vasquez in a Tuxedo. Women Can "dress" up too!

No Meeka Claxton on Season 4 of "Basketball Wives"

Its Official Meeka was not Invited for Season 4. TMZ Reports that she has not heard from producers since the reunion.

TMZ Says:

According to sources involved with production ... Meeka has not been invited back -- and we're told she hasn't even heard from producers since the reunion show was taped a few months back.

Tough Love: Miami Cast Photos


Tough Love Returns this October with New Cast, and New City. Will you Tune in?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Renee Confirms "Mob Wives 2" Air Date

"Mob Wives 2" Air Date Revealed

Renee Graziano has confirmed on Twitter that the 2nd season of "Mob Wives" will premiere on November 27th. The ladies have been filming the 2nd season since July.

"New MOBWIVES season 11-27-11 get ready!!!!!!!"

Ricki Lake Wants To Get Slim On "Dancing With Stars"

Former talk show host and Charm School 3 head mistress has revealed that she wants to lose a 15 pounds while she does "Dancing With Stars" on its 13th season which premieres on September 19th.

"I fell in love last year... I didn't gain a lot of weight but I feel like I could lose about 15 pounds. I'm going to be careful. It's going to be weird, because having dealt with weight issues my whole life, you think deprivation, starving yourself - but I can't do that if I'm dancing six hours a day,"


She will be partnered up with Dereck Hough. 

Chad and Evelyn Sleep with The Fishes?

Sleeping With Fishes

This is the most unique bed that I've ever seen. Chad Ochocino has a fish tank bed which was custom made by Wayde King and Breet Raymer. 

"We made a shark tank for his living room and an arch tank for his bed, so when he sleeps he can look up at the fish.[...]He was cool as heck. He’s way more outspoken in front of the 
camera than he is in person. He’s a really, really nice guy.”

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