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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Bachelor Pad - Episode 4 Recap

The Bachelor Pad- Episode 4 Recap

Last night on Bachelor Pad, Wes went off on everyone for Gia's departure. You know, the girl who had a boyfriend? The girl who swore that she knew what she was doing? And now he's upset because the girl he had wrapped around his finger is gone. So Dave lovingly reminds him that this is indeed a reality show and there can only be one winner. The fight starts brewing, but the producers have something else in mind for the contestants: anonymous surveys about everyone else in the house!

The next day, it's the weekly competition, where each contestant has to guess who the majority voted--and everyone regrets what they said the night before about other people in the house. Kiptyn was revealed to be the favorite to win, while Krisily is everyone's biggest enemy. Says Natalie: "She's straight up just a bitch!" Elizabeth and Krisily split the vote for most shallow and Gwen gets labeled most stupid. She doesn't take that lying down, knowing Natalie is probably the taker of that title.

At this point, Tenley takes it home for the girls, getting a rose for the week. Then it's the guys' turn and the questions get nasty. Dave is who everyone has a crush on, and Natalie is deemed the girl who will always be a bridesmaid, never a bride. Wes gets the prize for biggest jerk (that one's a shocker), but nothing could prepare us for this, the best tiebreaker possibly in all of reality TV history: who has the worst boob job? Kovacs refuses to write down Elizabeth because he can feel her invisible vice tightening on his manhood, so he puts down Krisily, giving Jesse B. the win (since he could write down Elizabeth's name).

Of course, the game leaves Gwen, Elizabeth and Natalie all bruised. Elizabeth says she just tries to be beautiful, then leaves Kovacs to cheer her up. Gwen tries to use the insults against her to get close to Natalie, consoling her while she cries in the shower.

The dates get switched up this week and the winners can only bring one person on their date instead of three. That's a no brainer for Tenley, who picks Kiptyn as they're whisked off to Catalina Island (which is far from the various locations the show has been to before, believe me) for some ziplining, lip locking and a night in the Fantasy Suite. According to Tenley, she's ready to open up her heart again.

Not so fast, though. Before they return the next day, Kiptyn tells Tenley they need to cool it, and game faces need to be on when they're in the house. Burned again, Tenley. Burned again. Maybe Jesse B. will have more luck with Peyton, who go flying in a biplane and then eat a romantic dinner in an airplane hangar. Of course, Jesse B. makes a drunken bumble and insults Peyton, so no Fantasy Suite for him.

Elimination day has come again and the targets are roving around the house. Krisily is being eyed by several of the guys fresh off being labeled as everyone's biggest enemy, while Kovacs is dangling from Elizabeth's pinky on a very fine string. Meanwhile, Wes is trying so hard to make sure that he's staying that he's actually giving people the idea to vote him off.

So it comes down to the plain fact that the women want Wes out and, sans Nikki's vote, they send him home. Meanwhile, the guys are deadlocked. Dave doesn't want Krisily to go home because he thinks they can manipulate her, while Kiptyn doesn't want to get rid of Gwen. And Kiptyn doesn't give in to the pressure, either, giving Krisily the boot along with our favorite F-list country artist.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Bachelor Pad: Episode 3 Recap

The Bachelor Pad - Episode 3 Recap (ABC)

Gia explains to Kiptyn that they decided to vote him off when he said he'd never send Tenley home and that they would have succeeded if Nikki hadn't gone against them. Gia doesn't want the competition to be a "couples" one but realizes that she is a target to go home and the only way to ensure safety is winning the challenge. 

Chris comes to introduce the next challenge, which shocked me that it wasn't the first competition--it's kissing challenge time! Not that we haven't seen enough snogging to last us a god year, but this show really doesn't seem complete without a way for some people to show off their, um, talents. 

Dave wins for the men, while Peyton wins for the ladies. The first date card arrives and it says Dave and his dates are heading to Las Vegas! He chooses Nikki, Krisily and Natalie, who jokingly grabs him for a kiss when he says her name. Their destination is a topless pool, and once there Krisily admits she felt "chemistry" with Dave during their kiss and now she's finding it awkward to be around him. However, her conversation with him is interrupted by Natalie who is running around and distracting Dave. Natalie later says she will do anything she can to get the rose and sheds her top in the pool. She gets the rose and ends the night heading to the Fantasy Suite with Dave. 

Nikki seems to be kind of into Dave, trying to get his attention after their amazing kiss. But nothing is getting his attention better than Natalie's bikini top, which gets even better when she takes off the top in the hot tub. It was hook, line and sinker for Dave, who gave her the rose, booted Nikki and Krisily from the date and dragged Natalie to the Fantasy Suite. Peyton's date (With Kiptyn, Jesse and Kovacs) was a little classier, with drag racing instead of a topless pool and tacos instead of straight up alcohol. Tenley is concerned about Kiptyn's wandering eyes, so she tries to make sure he's going to be a good guy, but he's not having any of it, because he doesn't want people to think they're a couple.

Kovacs later says that Elizabeth is ruining the competition for him although she is trying to help. He admits that he finds her hard to trust and sometimes can't work out if they are working together or against each other. Meanwhile, Wes tells Gia that he likes waking up and seeing her even if she does have a boyfriend, and also serenades her with his guitar. "I've never met a person in my life like that boy," says Gia. The next day Wes begins his campaign to save Gia, suggesting to the girls they need to break up the couples, while Gia tells Kiptyn he should keep her and insists she was just the "messenger" last week. 

After much tension and dramatic pausing, Jonathan gets the boot for the guys, increasing the average height of the cast by approximately two inches. For the girls, however, it's a tie between Gia and Elizabeth, leaving Dave to make the deciding vote--and he sends poor Gia home.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Brandy, The Situation and Audrina Partridge joins new Dancing With The Stars Cast

Two MTV reality stars and a VH1 celebrity joins the new Dancing With The Stars cast. I guess some of the cast of Dancing With Stars (season 11) have leaked before the reveal on August 30th. According to  The three signed to do Dancing With Stars which airs September 20th. NFL alum Kurt Warned will also be part of the cast.

Confirmed cast so far:
Mike "The Situation"
Audrina Partridge
Kurt Warner

I think this might help boost the ratings for season 2 of Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jersey Shore's The Situation rumored to be on Dancing With The Stars?

Dancing With Stars season 11 cast will be announce LIVE during an epsiode of The Bachelor Pad on August 30th. No cast has been leaked ... yet.

But there have been rumors going around that MTV star The Situation will be on the new season.


As usual, ABC will not leak anything before the announcement, even if I lovingly prod the DWTS publicists through the Internet with my fringed magic wand. But here are some rumored season 11 hoofers anyway:Newly engaged Bachelorette “stars” Ali and Roberto (they deny it), Jersey Shore‘s The Situation, former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. Troy Aikman said he would appear on the show but he was just joking; who would do such a thing?

VH1 celebrity Chad Ochocinco joined cast last season. Will there be another VH1 star? who knows?  Season 11 of Dancing With The Stars premieres September 20th.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Bachelor Pad: Episode 1 and 2 Recaps

Another show that I will be recapping is ABC's The Bachelor Pad because it reminds of I Love Money.

Episode 1 Recap:

The first-ever season of Bachelor Pad kicked off on ABC last night as 19 of the most memorable former Bachelor and Bachelorettecontestants arrived at the mansion.

Chris Harrison - who co-hosts alongside Melissa Rycroft - explains that they will be competing for the second chance to find love and win $250,000.

Tenley (Jake's season) is first to arrive, and says she feels like it's time for a new beginning. She is followed by Jesse B (Ali's season) and Natalie (Jason's season), who express a mutual interest in each other. Next up is David (Jillian's season), Gwen (Aaron's season) and Jessie (Jake's season). They are followed by Jonathan (Ali's season) - who doesn't want to see Craig M - and Nikki (Jason's season), who doesn't want to see Juan because they dated briefly. Unfortunately, he is next to arrive and seems equally eager to avoid her.

The first competition is a giant game of Twister! Craig M is eventually declared the winner.

The next morning everybody talks about noises they heard in the mutual bedroom last night that suggested a couple were making out. Tenley thinks it was Craig M and Michelle, and although Michelle denies it, the rumor spreads throughout the house.

Craig M decides to take Jessie, Elizabeth and Gwen on the date to the beach and gives the rose to Jessie. As Elizabeth and Gwen head back to the mansion, Craig M and Jessie enjoy a private concert at the Greek Theater by Alex Band.

Back at the house, Natalie and Jesse B have hooked up, while Jesse K worries that the girls might not invite him on a date if they think Elizabeth "has dibs" on him and decides to confront her. Elizabeth admits she is "completely in love" with him but doesn't think he feels the same way. She adds that if he treats her poorly it could have negative consequences on him.

Meanwhile, Michelle is still upset about Tenley's rumor and confronts her in the bathroom. Tenley later says Michelle had her foot on the door and she couldn't get out, describing the experience as "scary".

The next day Juan apologizes to Nikki but she isn't sure if he's being sincere. Krisily suggests voting off the strong male competitors, although Natalie immediately shares this strategy with David. Elsewhere, Elizabeth seems to suggest to Jesse K that he should say he loves her and is sorry about hurting her because it could help his strategy.

The girls each separately vote for the man they want to leave the mansion, and vice versa for the men before Chris announces the result. Craig M and Jessie already have roses so they are safe this week. The two people eliminated are Michelle and Juan. 

Episode 2 Recap:

Natalie admits that she initially came for the money but now she's being distracted by Jesse. Jesse says he really trusts her and wants to get to know her. He adds that it isn't a strategy but he realizes the girls are voting off the guys so it probably helps him. Elsewhere, Kovacs also wonders if being in a couple is a better strategy than being alone.

Meanwhile, Peyton worries that she is at a disadvantage because she doesn't know anybody, and Gia wonders if the boys will want to vote her off because she has a boyfriend at home.

Chris and Melissa introduce this week's competition - a pie eating contest! Krisily decides not to participate because she had her gall bladder removed a year ago and can't digest fat. The girls go first and end up vomiting into buckets as the boys watch. It's a close race between Tenley and Gia - who gets some tips from Wes - and Gia ends up winning the rose.

The boys go next and Chris jokes that Craig M is using his hair to soak up the pie. Tenley wants Kiptyn to win, but weatherman Jonathan scoops the victory and the rose. Kovacs is annoyed that Jonathan won because he should be on the "chopping block" this week, while Craig M knows he is at risk unless he gets a date from Gia.

Gia and Jonathan discuss game tactics. Gia thinks it will be a popularity contest until the end and they need to break down the established alliances. She suggests he needs to keep Krisily, Peyton or Gwen safe to secure his position. 

They arrive at a warehouse and meet Melissa, who explains they will be making body art on their date. Jonathan dons a Speedo and the girls put on their bikinis before slathering paint on themselves and rolling around a giant canvas on the floor.

Jonathan later decides to work on his gameplay. Peyton suggests the house is about to split into the people who know each other versus those who don't, and Jonathan thinks they need to get Kiptyn eliminated to break up the group. Ashley agrees the powerhouse needs to be broken up but she's nervous because she's close to some of them.

Jonathan then chats to Gwen and says she is the girl he'd be most likely to date. They share conversation about their common interests and he gives her the rose. Meanwhile, Ashley says she did commit to Jonathan but because she didn't get the rose she doesn't know where she will go from here.

Later that night, Jessie talks to Dave in the hot tub and suggests she could play for the cool kids but also stay in with the outsiders. They seal the deal with a kiss but don't know that Krisily has been listening, and informs the others what has happened.

Elsewhere, Jesse thinks that Gia is more girlfriend material than Natalie. He tells Natalie that he's heard rumors about her hooking up with other guys. She says at one point she liked Kovacs a lot but now she likes Jesse. However, Jesse isn't sure that being in a relationship is a good idea now. Meanwhile, Gia has a new plan to save the outsiders - voting off Kiptyn.
Craig M and Jessie are eliminated.
The next morning Gia tells Jonathan they have five girls on their side and Craig M will get the rose today, although Jonathan isn't sure about that. Jonathan then says he has Ashley on their side but Gia and Peyton are both skeptical. 

Bad Girls Club (Season 5) episode 1 and 2 Recaps

I know I am late with recap. I am going start recapping other shows, Bad Girls Club is one of them. Here is what went down on the last two episodes.

Episode 1 Recap:

Season 5 takes place in Miami all the girls met at Miami. We get introduced to Morgan who is "The Uber Bitch" and Natalie Jr lol  She tries too hard to act like Natalie Nunn. She is on this ship and she says that everyone is "jealous of her" She is from Miami. She meets up with Catya, Danielle,  and Erica. They all haang at the boat. They were started to talk about how they will have each other's backs. But Morgan said she only had her back and that she did not care for nobody but herself. that rubbed the other girls the wrong way.

We also get introduced to this rocker chick name Lea and Brandi. They met up at the mansion. Where the other girls showed up. They all got to know each other. The mansion looked awesome! but I did not like that used dolls to resemble them, they should have kept the wall pictures. they notice that there was one girl missing. Her name was Kristen. She is one of those rich girls. She should have been on You're Cut Off lol she showed up. The girls decided to mess up her bed when she arrived. Erica got annoyed with her but Kristen was not having it and she threw a drink at her. No one was expecting that from her.

Morgan kept complaining and whining that she is in house and that girls are lame. she calls up her friends and just talking trash about the girls. Brandi was annoyed by it and she wanted her to leave. Laster that night Morgan's Jersey Shore wannabe guys showed and they acted like they own the place. They were very annoying. However, Morgan did got along with Kristen and Catya, so the three of them went out while the other girls wanted her out so they threw ALL of her stuff outside. Once she arrived back she blew up and was pissed off. She looked like she was possessed shaking the door non-stop. Then they finally open the door for her. She was super pissed screaming like she is Natalie (rollseyes) Then she wanted to go upstairs to mess with their stuff and Brandi wasn't having it. She pulled her down the stairs and began to fight.

Episode 2 Recap:

Episode 2 picked where episode 1 left off. Morgan started to fight them and she went to the control production room and started to mess around that caused her to leave the house. So she is gone.
There was also another fight that happened between Lea and Christine. Lea's birthday was coming up and Christine was whining that why no one celebrated her birthday 2 or 3 days before she arrived at the house which was stupid. Christine called Lea a "whore" and that pissed Lea off. The next day they went to nail/salon place. Danielle wanted to pick up some guys. She saw these two surfer duded. She liked one of them and invited them to the house. One of the guys showed up but it was not the guy she liked but she hooked up with him anyway. 

They went to club where the other guy showed and then some chick ws bitching at Lea on her birthday and the started fiighting at the club and got kicked out, always happens on this show lol More guys showed up at the mansion. Erica's boy toy was rude to Brandi telling her that she looked crazy. Which I did not understand but pissed her off. The's what pretty much happen on this episode.

Friday, August 6, 2010

1st look at ABC's very own "I Love Money" like show "The Bachelor Pad"

Here is a first look at ABC's new show "The Bachelor Pad" which a spin off of The Bachelor. Same concept as I Love Money but it features 19 contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series. They do series of challenges one being "Bikini Twister" The show premieres August 9th on ABC.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Money Hungry mansion is the same mansion from Bad Girls Club 4

Did you guys noticed anything familiar about the mansion from Money Hungry? That is because it is the same mansion from Bad Girls Club season 4. I always wondered what ever happened to that mansion? Giant sized French fries and hamburgers at the Bad girls Club 4 mansion LMAO

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad Girls Club 5: Premiere Sneak Peeks

I will updating and recapping shows that has a similiar concept to VH1 shows. One of them being is Bad Girls Club. The 5th season starts next Tuesday on Oxygen. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

ABC comes up with their own" I Love Money" featuring contestants from Bachelor/Bachelorette

If you are a fan of VH1's I Love Money and ABC's The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Than this is the show for you! ABC is coming up with their own "I Love Money" called The Bachalor Pad which features contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette from previous seasons.

Nineteen former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants will live in a house and compete in challenges for a cash prize of, ironically enough, $250,000. The show will be hosted by Chris Harrison and Melissa Rycroft, and Jake Pavelka will also be involved. It premieres August 9th, check out the cast! 

I have to say this looks pretty good and it reminds me of I Love Money.

Join The I Love Money Campaigns:
We Want I Love Money 5 + 6
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VH1 Do NOT Cancel I Love Money
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Natalie Nunn (BGC4) Taping new show

Natalies TWITTER Reads

"missnatalienunn Back in Cali la taping all week! :)

So According to miss Natalie, she has been in LA taping all week....

There has been rumors that she is getting her own "Day in the life" Series, titled " I RUN LA ".

There are also other rumors that she is taping with some former Bad Girls...

Either way, we know Natalie fans wont be dissapointed, we are getting some more of Natalie.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too: Guys Revealed

Love Games is the latest spin off of the Bad Girls Club which will premeire in March right after the Bad Girls Club Reunion. The three bad girls that will be looking for love are Sarah & Amber rom Season 3 and Kendra from Season 4. The dudes have been revealed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pics of Bad Girls Club Season 4 Reunion

Taken from here are two pics of the upcoming reunion show of the 4th season of the Bad Girls club.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bad Girls Club 4 Premeire Review

Ok so here is my take on the premeire of the 4th season of Bad Girls Club. These girls are crazy! Now I was afraid that this season was going to suck, but I was wrong lol there are some crazy chicks. One in particular Natalie. Natalie kinda looks like a cross between Sappharyi and Raven from Rock of love. She will be the first chick to leave. she is too much! Now the girl that is annoying is Annie (sigh) girl your on the wrong show, please go on the Hills. She is too preppy to be on this show, she should be on The Hills talking about losing weight and being anorexic SMH. i The girls that I like, I really like Florina, she seems like a cool tomboy chick, I also like Kendra. We will see how thise season will unfold, it looks like to be a crazy season

my rating 10/10.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bad Girls Club 4 Premeires December 1st

Another reality show favorite of mine The Bad Girls Club. Season 4 starts December 1st! on Oxygen

Thursday, November 20, 2008

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