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Friday, December 18, 2009

NEW POLL: Best VH1 Asian Chick

Who is the Best VH1 Asian Chick

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Anonymous said...

where is the link? also who is the girl in the lower right hand corner?

Anonymous said...

this is a little racist =/

Anonymous said...

damn vh1 needs to have more asian people on their shows. i want ones that will start drama/fights, the ones they show now make it look like asians are quiet/emotional. i wanna see them speak their minds and last longer on their shows. cali lasted pretty long so did leilene. apple lasted two episodes. the entertainers new show has a asian girl,hopefully she won't be quiet/boring and last longer than 2 episodes. whose the girl in the red swimsuit. the only other two are margaret cho and red oyster from flavor of love season 1.

Anonymous said...

why is vh1 so racist against the asian community i want them to be more on tv. there not all quiet , cast ones that will start drama. vh1 has them stereotyped as quiet/emotional when not all of them are like that,how racist you can have tons of white,black,and spanish. cast more ethnicities other than the 3 i metioned. is vh1 racist?

Anonymous said...

might as well make a poll "best black,white,and spanish chicks as well". what a racist poll against asian women.

Anonymous said...

You Should Make A Poll For Best Wanna Be Sinqer. Like Lacey, Krazy, Payton, Etc.

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