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Thursday, September 11, 2014

'Bad Girls Club: Redemption' Episode 01 Sneak Peak.. Watch Here!

Episode 01 Sneak Peek

Here is the 1st episode sneak peek of Bad Girls Club: Redemption which premieres October 7th. In this clip the girls are at a resturants and Julie does not like the fact that Judi is drinking again; also Camilla argues with Sarah about the comment Sarah made about black woman on that Real Mistresses Of Atlanta trailer that cae out two years ago. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

'Bad Girls Club: Redemption' Premieres October 7th! ; Promo Pics Released

BGC13 Is Coming!

Oxygen has announced the airdate for Bad Girls: Club: Redemption which will premiere on October 7th on Oxygen. The network has also released the promo pics of nine of bad girls that will on it. The promo pics look a bit more wholesome then the promo pics we are used to seeing. In my opinion, this season will be more like VH1's Charm School.

Natalie (Season 4)

Judi (Season 7)

Camilla (Season 8)

Dani (Season 8)

Julie (Season 9)

Rocky (Season 10)

Sarah (Season 11)

Jada (Season 12)

Redd (Season 12)

I also did an exclusive interview with life coach Laura Baron, who return for season 13.  It will be up soon! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Natalie Nunn Files Battery Charges Against Redd For Fighting Her

Natalie Nunn Files Charges

When Bad Girls Club: Season 13 started filming back in May, spoilers have come out that Redd (Bad Girls Club: Chicago) left the show because she fought Natalie Nunn. It was said that the fight one of the biggest of the show's history. New detials now have come out about that fight. Apparently Redd bit off Natalie's foot! 

TMZ has leaked out a photo of her bite marks and Natalie has filed battery charges against her. 

Bad Girls Club: Redemption airs this fall. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

VIDEO: 'Bad Girls Club': 13 All Star Season Teaser

Season 13 Teaser

Oxygen has just aired the first teaser 'Bad Girls Club: Redemption which is the season 13 all star season which will air this fall. This teaser shows some of the veteran bad girls returning to the house.

Monday, June 23, 2014

'Bad Girls Club: 13' All Star Season To Premiere In October

Bad Girls Club 13 Airs In October

Reality: The 13 season of Bad Girls Club, which will be an all star season' has been filming all summer and I heard this will the most drama filled season. Judi, who will be in the season, has confirmed on Instagram that the new season will air in October

The cast includes, Natalie, Judi, Dani, Camilla, Rocky, Sarah, Redd and Jada

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spoiler Alert!: 'Bad Girls Club' 13- Redd Fights Natalie Nunn and Slams Tanisha

Redd vs Natalie

Reality: Apprentely there was a big fight that happened during the taping of the Bad Girls Club 13 : All Star season. Redd has revealed on her Instagram page that she got kicked out the show because she fought Natalie.

Natalie claims that she was jumped

Tanisha also put her two cents in

and Redd slammed her

It looks like next season is going to be really good

Sunday, May 4, 2014

PICS: Bad Girls Club 13: All Star Cast Filming The Show

Cast Filming 'Bad Girls Club' 13

Reality: Here are a few pics of the the all star cast filming 'Bad Girls Club: 13' in LA. We see Natalie and Jada in one pics. In the other two pics is the cast probably partying at a club.

Once the cast is Natalie, Judi, Dani Camilla,Julie,Rocky,Sarah, Redd and Jada

credit for pics: @JoeyBGCblogger

Friday, May 2, 2014

'Bad Girls Club 13': All Star Cast Revealed!

All Star Cast Revealed

Reality:  Bad Girls Club: All Stars ( season 13) has started filming yesterday and Bad Girls Club blogger Joey Diaz has confirmed the cast on Facebook.

The all star season will consist of nine bad girls and will also include a life coach.

The cast:

Natalie ( Season 4)
Judi (Season 7)
Dani (Season 8)
Camilla (Season 8)
Julie (Season 9)
Rocky (Season 10)
Sarah (Season 11)
Redd (Season 12)
Jada (Season 12)

Here is a pick of Rocky and Dani spotted at the LA club

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