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Friday, March 14, 2014

'Bad Girls Club" Season 13 Might Be An All Star Season

Season 13 Info

Reality:  We can debunk the rumor about the 'Bad Girls Club' cancellation.  Bad Girls Club: Chicago which is season 12 has not even aired yet but there is new info on Season 13 which will be a different than the rest of the seasons.

Teairra from season 7 has Instagram a photo of her application for Bad Girls Club season 13.

She tweets "They switching shut up on ya'll' indicating that season 13 will bring back memorable cast members. 

Popular Bad Girls Club blogger Joey said on Facebook that there's a good chance that season 13 will be an all star season.

so my question is which girls do you want see for season 13?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Game and Tiffany Cambridge Might Become The Mains Stars Of 'Love and Hip Hop: LA'


The Game Hints at Joining The Show

Reality:  Last week, it was announced that 'Love and Hip Hop: LA' will be starting production but had trouble its main stars for the show. Initially, it was supposed to be Ray-J and Tearria Marie, but with his hosting duties on 'Bad Girls: All Star Battle' he could not do it.

Now it seems like its stars might The Game and Tiffany Cambridge who did had their own VH1 show about getting married.

The Game tweeted he was having a business meeting with Mona Scott Young and the team.

Here is a pic

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tami Thinks 'Basketball Wives' Might End After This Season

Tami On The Breakfast Club

Reality News: Is 'Basketball Wives: Miami" ending? Well, that's what Tami thinks on her new interview with The Breakfast Club. She doesn't see the show continuing after this season. Se also clarifies the tweet that she sent out weeks ago saying she was leaving the show. She says she not leaving show, she just doesn't see the show going on after season 5. She also reveals she wants her own show.

Watch the interview

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stephon and Tasha Marbury Might Lose Their Home

Couple Might Lose Home To Forclosure

Reality News: What is up with these reality stars losing their homes to forclosure? It looks like the only real Basketball Wife this season, Tasha Marbury, might be joining that list thanks to her husband.  TMZ reports her hudband has not paid the mortgage for their NY condo for over three years.

"U.S. Bank International filed legal docs against Marbury, claiming he hasn’t made mortgage payments on his 2-bedroom 2-bathroom NYC condo since March 2010, and currently owes $844,035 on the property … which he purchased in 2006 for more than a million dollars.
U.S. Bank wants Marbury to pay the full amount NOW, or get the hell out … so the condo can be sold at auction."

Maybe her being on the show will help with the bills.

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