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Monday, June 23, 2014

'Bad Girls Club: 13' All Star Season To Premiere In October

Bad Girls Club 13 Airs In October

Reality: The 13 season of Bad Girls Club, which will be an all star season' has been filming all summer and I heard this will the most drama filled season. Judi, who will be in the season, has confirmed on Instagram that the new season will air in October

The cast includes, Natalie, Judi, Dani, Camilla, Rocky, Sarah, Redd and Jada

Friday, May 2, 2014

'Bad Girls Club 13': All Star Cast Revealed!

All Star Cast Revealed

Reality:  Bad Girls Club: All Stars ( season 13) has started filming yesterday and Bad Girls Club blogger Joey Diaz has confirmed the cast on Facebook.

The all star season will consist of nine bad girls and will also include a life coach.

The cast:

Natalie ( Season 4)
Judi (Season 7)
Dani (Season 8)
Camilla (Season 8)
Julie (Season 9)
Rocky (Season 10)
Sarah (Season 11)
Redd (Season 12)
Jada (Season 12)

Here is a pick of Rocky and Dani spotted at the LA club

Embedded image permalink

Friday, April 11, 2014

Natalie Nunn To Be on Bad Girls Club: All Star Season

Natalie Returning

Reality: Intouchweekly has confirmed that Natalie Nunn will be one of the cast members to be part of the Bad Girls Club all star season which will be season 13.  The magazine reports that she has signed up for another season of the show. Since being being on Bad Girls Club, she married football player Jacob Payne and also appeared on Bridezillas

Read here

Friday, March 14, 2014

'Bad Girls Club" Season 13 Might Be An All Star Season

Season 13 Info

Reality:  We can debunk the rumor about the 'Bad Girls Club' cancellation.  Bad Girls Club: Chicago which is season 12 has not even aired yet but there is new info on Season 13 which will be a different than the rest of the seasons.

Teairra from season 7 has Instagram a photo of her application for Bad Girls Club season 13.

She tweets "They switching shut up on ya'll' indicating that season 13 will bring back memorable cast members. 

Popular Bad Girls Club blogger Joey said on Facebook that there's a good chance that season 13 will be an all star season.

so my question is which girls do you want see for season 13?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Other Reality News: Natalie Nunn Says 'Bad Girls: All Star Battle' Will Have Non Stop Drama

Other Reality News:  Natalie Nunn is somewhat spilling the beans on the upcoming spin-off show Bad Girls: All Star Battle which will have 14 bad girl alumni competing for 100,000 and for the title "Baddest Girl Of All Time"

She tells Radaronline that it was  "non-stop drama" and ":ridiculous fighting" and I believe her on that becasue she has been dealing with recent twitter beefs lately with Mehgan and Judi.

It was totally insane with not stop drama and ridiculous fighting. I behaved for the first few days, I was so nice and sweet and above it all with my new life and my husband, but as soon as people threatened to break my face, I went into full throttle, I went crazy on people,” she admits.

“They brought all the A-type personalities from every season and the girls that really hated each other and put us in a house to compete, party and try to live together. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. I got home and slept for three days after.”

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