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Friday, July 5, 2013

Watch It Here: Bambi Talks Benzino and If She Will Return To 'Basketball Wives LA"

Bambi Speaks Out

Reality News: Is Bambi dating Benzino? Is she returning for 'Basketball Wives LA" season 3? She answers these questions in a new interview she did with Streetz 94.5 in which yo can watch video below. We all saw Bambi making an appearance on the last episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta where she was in the hot tub with Kirk and Benzino.

She confirms she dated Benzino for a short amount of time and that's how she got on the show. She speaks on if she will return for the 3rd season of Basketball Wives LA. She says she can't confirm if she will apart of it because she has a show in the works which will be more about her and her Lipstick Gang.

Kerry Washington Secretly Weds NFL Player Nnamdi Asomugha

Celebrity News: 'Scandal' star, Kerry Washington, really does live up to her character Olivia Pope because she secretly got married to NFL player Nnanmdi Asomugha and the media didn't even know about it!

Nnanmdi plays for the San Fracsisco 49ers. The couple got married on June 24th. Eonline has provided their marriage certificate . Fans were shocked about the secret wedding and for some reason some were surprised that she married a black guy. 

What do you think?

Photos: Evelyn Lozada Covers Latina Magazine


Evelyn Talks Domestic Abuse

Reality News: Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada is covering the latest issue of Latina magazine and she speaking about her domestic abuse with Chad. She admits that if she never had physical wounds on her, she would have continue to be with him and pretend nothing ever happened.

"We had issues. Nothing like that though. Obviously nothing like that. But I will say this: what’s sad is that if that day, if I didn’t have physical wounds, I probably would’ve walked right into that house [after arguing] because I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to know. I would’ve been embarrassed. I wouldn’t have wanted my family to know. I think that happens a lot with women and even men because I’ve had a lot of men, especially gay men, tell me that they’ve been in abusive relationships. You’re embarrassed and ashamed."

The 5th season of Basketball Wives premieres next month. It will be interesting to see the how she will act in the new season after all of this. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Watch it Here: Bambi Calls Mary Jane A "whore" During Radio Interview

"Hide Your Husbands"

It looks like Mary Jane a little but of fame off her cameo appearance on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta this past week. She was in the hot tub scene with Benzino and Kirk. Bambi from Basketball Wives LA was with them. 

Well now she id responding to the backlash that she has been getting. She basically tweets "Hide your husbands"

MaryJane Twitter KirkFrost 2 MissJia 500x255 Kirk Frosts Jumpoff, Mary Jane, Responds To Backlash, Just Hide Your Husbands

MaryJane Twitter KirkFrost 3 MissJia 500x230 Kirk Frosts Jumpoff, Mary Jane, Responds To Backlash, Just Hide Your Husbands

She also appeared on the Real Mistresses Of Atlanta triailer that was released a year ago on the net. The show was produced by Memphitz, K. Michelle's ex.

She was recently did a radio interview and Mary Jane says that hot scene was filmed a month ago and she does not care about what the haters think. She says that her and Kirk are"cool."

Also, Bambi called in and called Mary Jane a "whore" on air.

Watch It Here: K. Michelle Squashes Beef With Rasheeda

It looks like K. Michelle and Rasheeda are cool again. K. Michelle was at the BET awards pre-how and exclusively told HipHollywood that they have settled their differences and she says "there is no room for the hate."

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Love it? or Hate It? Fantasia's New Music Video "Without Me" With Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliot

"Without Me" Music Video

Music News: Fantasia has dropped her new music video for "Without Me" which features Kelly Roland and Missy Elliot. 

Check it out!

Do you love it? or hate it?

Hulk Hogan's Daughter Brooke Hogan Is Engaged

Brooke Hogan Getting Married

Brooke Hogan is getting married! Brooke Hogan just got engaged on June 29th in Las Vegas by Dallas Cowboy Player Phil Costa

She says that she is marrying her best friend and this is the happiest moment on her life as she instagrammed this photo.

"Happiest moment of my LIFE I am marrying my best friend I woulnt choose anyone else I am so lucky and so grateful,"

So what does Hulk Hogan has to say about about her engagement? Well he has yet to comment. We all he is overprotective when he comes to his daughter. We've seen the show.  But her mother, Linda Hogan did comment on the engagement.

Watch It Here: R&B Divas: LA Trailer

R&B Divas: LA Trailer

Other Reality News: R&B Diva: La edition is set to premiere July 10th on TV One.

Check out the trailer!

Deion and Pilar Sanders' Divorce Is Over

Divorce Officially Over

It looks their divorce is official. Deion and Pilar Sanders's nasty divorce came to end on June 28th as Deion made the an official announcement on twitter.

He also tweets advice to other men out there about choosing the perfect woman. 

However, he still has to face another the abuse case with Pilar that happened last year. Pilar claims she was mentally and physically abused by him. 

The couple both appeared VH1's "Football Wives" which only lasted one season. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Nia Crooks Avoids Jail Time For Bitch Slapping Jennifer

Nia Gets Probation

It seems like forever since the Nia vs Jennifer incident that happen on 'Basketball Wives". It also seems forever since the show has aired, but TMZ reports that Evelyn's assistant, Nia Crooks, will getting no jail time for she did to Jennifer on the show.

Instead she is getting 1 year probation, she has to pay a $645 fine, and she also has to write an apology letter . She also has to undergo 13 weeks of anger management.

Basketball wives will return this August for it's 5th season .

Claudia Jordan Gets Assaulted By Omarosa's Mom At BET Awards

Claudia vs Omarosa'a Mom?

Other Reality News:  The 2013 BET awards literally meant "anything can happen" at its award show becaise Claudia Jordan and Omorosa, who both were all star contestants on the "Celebrity Apprentice" early this year got into a verbal altercation at the red carpet. 

According to TMZ  both women got into a verbal altercation after Omorosa called her a "stupid bitch." Omorosa's mom, who is 65 years old , overheard it and ran up to Claudia punching her in the arm.  Claudia is now filing  a police report for the incident.

More info has come out today and the whole incident started when Claudia told Omorosa that she is "squatting""squatting" in her deceased husband's house who the late actor Michael Clark Duncan. that's when Omorosa called her a stupid bitch. Omorosa told TMZ that she is saddebed by her actions at the red carpet.

Who's side are you on?

Lil Scrappy Completes 30 Days Of Rehab

While some of the cast of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atanta" attended the BET awards last night, Lil Scrappy has completed his 30 days in rehab for his addiction to weed. A month ago, he voluntarily checked into rehab for his addiction and now he is released. 

He claims he is now weed and alcohol free and is now looking to mentoring teens next week. 

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