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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip hop: Hollywood- Season 2- Episode 04

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Season 2

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood

Episode 04 RECAP


Ashley Miller recaps on episode 04 of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood . Fizz is back on with Nikki, who then confronts Kamiyah we get introduced to blogger Jason Lee



Weekly Recap: Basketball Wives: LA- Season 4- Episode 11

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 Season 4
Basketball Wives: LA
Episode 11 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on episode 11 of Basketball Wives: LA.. this girls minus Draya are in Puerto Rico where drama starts between Mehgan and Angel


Friday, October 2, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' Star Jela Reveals In Blog Post That The Girls Pee On Her Stuff

Jela Reveals What Went Down

If you saw the last episode of 'Bad Girls Club this week', Jela and the twins left the house due to the other girls destroying their stuff It the worse in Bad Girls Club when their stuff was literally destroyed  but due to the editing we did not see what really happened. 

Jela is now spilling some on her  Tumblr Blog about what really went down that night. In her post she called ot girls, she says Jasmine was intimidated towards the twins from the start. She says the other girls were Jasmine's followers.

She also revealed that the girls pee on her stuff

 "To make matters worse y'all played with the pee. Throwing it on our beds and in our other clothes and purses.  You know what you won’t see on the show: the REAL reason they didn’t get to take a trip (too much damage to the house and not enough money in the budget to even go outta the state) 🌚 or that the replacements had to go to the hospital because they broke out from sleeping in the beds the girls threw their pee on."


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Omarian and Apryl Announces They Are Expecting Their Second Child

Omarian and Apryl Expecting

'Love and Hip hop: Hollywood' couple has announced this week thay are expecting baby #2  and it's a girl! Omarian posted an Instagram video of the Ultra sound when he found out the the baby will be girl with the caption My lil princess in on the way

the couple already have son together name Megga which we saw Apryl giving birth last season 

New Documents Show TLC Only Made 60K in VH1 Biopic Movie

Chilli and T-Boz Were Paid 60K

So we all know Chilli and T-Boz are still battling their former manager Pebbles in court after she sued VH1 and Viacom for defaming her character in the biopic movie which aired almost to years in October. 

 Jasmine Brand is reporting that they both only got paid 60K each for the movie according to new court documents

T-Boz explains under oath that the contract with VH1 paid her $10K for her life rights and then $50K as a consultant fee on the film. The lawyer grilling the singer asked if she believed this was a low amount for the movie, to which she says that it’s what she agreed to with VH1.

Chili admitted that $60K payment was all they received for the movie. However, she did state that there were other financial incentives for doing the TV film, including the fact that the band had recently got back the masters for their re-records which means they would make money when their music is used,  like in the VH1 film. However, the singer wasn’t aware of the amount of money she has made off the masters for their songs.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kim Zolciak Slams Wendy Williams For Accusing Her Of Faking Stroke To Get Out Of 'DWTS'

Kim Calls Out Wendy

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is calling out Wendy Williams for accusing her of faking her mini stroke last week just to get out of 'Dancing With the Stars'  during Hot Topics, Wendy accused of faking her illness and admitted he did not liked her time on the show

Kim called out Wendy on Instagram calling her 'disgusting' and saying she is just mad that she did not appear on her show

Monday, September 28, 2015

Angel Brinks Claps Back At Troll For Calling Her 'Kim Kardashian On Meth'

Photo/ VH1

 Angel vs Troll

Basketball Wives LA newcomer Angel Brinks has been often compared to Kim Kardashian since they are both Armanian. The new castmember recebtly clapped back at a troll on twitter for calling her 'Kim Kardashian on meth' 

She quotes:

"I would you about yourself, but I'm not into making fun of people's looks. I let God Handle people like you" 


FIRST LOOK: 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'- Season 8

Photo/ Mark Hill and Bravo

 Season 8 Trailer

Bravo has released a first look and the season 8 cast promo pics of 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' which shows actress Kim Fields as the new housewife. 

In the trailer below, we see Kandi and Todd expecting their first child together, Kenya Moore is set to build her home the 'Moore Manor' and still finding love, Porsha gets her peach back and has a new man in her life, Cynthia deals with rumors that Peter is cheating on her, Pheadra begings her life a s single mother while Apollo is in jail. 

video of the cast

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Momma Dee Responds To Arrest For Allegedly Not Paying Restaurant Bill

Photo/ TMZ

Momma Dee Responds To Arrested

 Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Momma Dee was arrested for skipping out on paying a restaurant  bill of $500. TMZ reports that she was out with her friends for her birthday weekend but when it when it was time to oat the bill they skipped out without paying. She was then arrested.

She now responding to the incident saying it was  one big misunderstanding 

She tells TMZ everyone bounced when she  was in the bathroom of the restaurant she also says that the party was intended for her and that she just and invited guest when she got out the bathroom that's when cops accused her of dining and ditching  

SIP TEA: Laura Govan Claims Gilbert Arena Fathered Draya's Son

Laura Puts Gilbert On Blast

If VH1 was smart they would bring back Laura Goven since now Basketball Wives: LA will be getting a 5th season. The show needs a  real storyline and this could be it. The drama between Laura and Gilbert Arena is not over. Last week, alleged leaked e-mails claiming that Gilbert Arena gace Laura Govan STDS, and also had Draya allegedly beaten up.

Laura Govan claims that now only he allegedly beat up Draya but he also fathered Draya's  

she quotes

 I also fail to mention how you lied about Draya and all that drama situation and her baby! Then you turn around and have her Beat Up in her apartment! Broken Nose & All!"  "When I left you it was because I couldn't take the STDs and you slapping me around all the time! So let's tell the real story about LA!"

Weekly Recap: Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood (Season 2)- Episode-03

Photo/ VH1

Season 2
Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood 
Episode 03 

Ashley Miller recaps on the 3rd episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. we get introduced to crazy ass Brandi


Weekly Recap: Basketball Wives: LA (Season 4)- Episode 10


 Season 4
Basketball Wives: LA
Episode 10 

Ashley Miller recaps on Episode 10 of Basketball Wives: LA

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