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Monday, December 7, 2015

TV NEWS: Transgender Star Amiyah Scott Lands Role In New 'Empire' Spin-Off'

 Amiyah Scott Lands Role In 'Empire' Spin-Off

In TV news, it was announced recently that transgender Amiyah Scott has landed a role in the new up-coming  'Empire' spin-off show . TMZ reports that she got a call from 'Empire' creator Lee Daniels asking her to read a script for the show to play one of the singers.

Months ago, it was announced that she was going to one the new season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta' but she did not make the cut. 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

TV NEWS: Tyra Banks Quits Her Daytime Talk Show 'FABLife'

Tyra Banks Quits Talk Show

In TV news, it was recently reported that Tyra Banks quit her new daytime talk show 'The FABlife'  which airs on ABC. This was supposed to be anticipated return to daylime TV since 'The Tyra Banks Show' ended in 2010. 

In a recent statement Tyra Banks says she quit her talk show to focus on her new cosmetic line Tyra Beauty

"I will be devoting more time to my new, growing cosmetics company, TYRA Beauty, which is expanding faster than anticipated, as well as overseeing my company’s other entertainment ventures. I will however continue to support the growth and success of FABLife and greatly admire my fellow co-hosts and the talented production team behind the show,”

However, there have been rumors that she left the show because of her rumored feud with her co-host Chrissy Teigan. Chrissy responded to US Weekly   saying if they had a feud, she would be the one off the show not her

Thursday, September 10, 2015

TV NEWS: Vivica Fox To Play Cookie's Sister In 'Empire' Season 2

Vivica Fox Joins' Empire'

Empire is adding another celebrity to its list for the upcoming 2nd season which premieres on September 23rd. It has been announced today that Vivic Fox will appearing the show as Cookie Lyon's sister. The reports that she will be the older of Taraj's character Cookie who comes seeking help from her.  

Other celebrities who will also appear this season includes Chris Rock, Mariah Carey and Kelly Rowland

TV NEWS: 'American Horror Story: Hotel'- Official Trailer

Photo/ FX

'American Horror Story: Hotel' Trailer

FX has released the official trailer for 'American Horror Story: Hotel' which premieres October 7th.  The 30 second clip shows  the full cast throughout hallways of the creepy hotel. At the of the clip it shows Lady Gaga who owns the hotel in the show

Watch here

Thursday, September 3, 2015

TV NEWS: Nickelodeon Working To Reboot 'Rugrats, 'Hey Arnold' and More Shows

Is 'Rugrats' and 'Hey Arnold' Coming Back?

The 90's TV trend continues with the recent news of Kel Michell returning to Nickelodeon with a new TV sow called Game Shakers which premieres soon, the network is now considering to reboot its old 90s shows such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold and even recent ones like 'Victorous'

Nickelodeon President Russel Hicks recently told that they thinking about new ideas on how to bring old shows in a 'fresh new way'

 "We are looking at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way. We are getting ready to bring back some of the ones they’ve told us multiple times they want to have brought back."

Saturday, August 29, 2015

TV NEWS: VH1's 'Hindsight' Gets Cancelled Before Season 2 Starts Production

 VH1 Cancels 'Hindsight'

VH1 continues to cancel more of their programming, they first canceled their morning lineup with were 'Big Morning Buzz and' The Gossip Table' and now they have cancelled scripted series 'Hindsight' before season 2 started production. The who premiered early this but had low ratings; however, it did got renewed for a 2nd season. 

VH1 has released a statement

  "We love ‘Hindsight’ and couldn’t be more proud of the series. But in this overcrowded and rapidly changing climate, we need to carve out VH1’s distinct place in the scripted marketplace and deliver the biggest audiences possible for our series. As a result, we’re no longer moving forward with a second season of the show. We’re so appreciative of show creator Emily Fox, the cast, and the creative and production teams and look forward to working with them again.”

There have been rumors of other networks picking the show up.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

TV NEWS: VH1 Releases First Promo For 'Hit The Floor' Season 3

Photo/ Youtube

 'Hit The Floor' Is Back!

During the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion last night, VH1 finally aired a promo for the upcoming 3rd season of 'Hit The Floor' which will premiering early next year and this teaser looks really good.

Watch here

Monday, August 24, 2015

TV NEWS: First Look At Kelly Rowland In New Season Of 'Empire'

Kelly Rowland In 'Empire'

Here is a first sneak picture that emerged today of singer Kelly Rowland in the new season Empire. She one of the celebrities who will guest starring on the FOX hit show. She will be playing Lucious's mother Leah in flashback scenes. In season 2, we will get the backstory on Lucious and how he came about.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

TV NEWS: Tyra Banks To Guest Star In New Season of 'Blackish'

Tyra Banks To Guest Star On 'Blackish' 

The season 2 of  'Blackish' will be getttig more guest appearances. Last season, Raven Symone guest starred Anthony Anderson's gay sister and season 2 will be getting model Tyra Banks. 

TV Line reports that she will be playing herself as Dre's best friend. The series creator Kenya Barris says the story of based on himself  of his friendship with Tyra Banks. 

 “I give my wife a lot of credit; I grew up with [Banks], but my wife came into a situation where my best friend from 4 years old is a supermodel,” he adds, laughing. “She’s a very good sport.”

Thursday, August 13, 2015

TV NEWS: Will Smith To Produce Reboot Of 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Getting A Reboot?

Is 'The Fresh Prince Prince Of Bel-Air' the lastest 90's show to get a reboot? TV Lineis exclusively reporting that 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' is is the latest show joining' Boy Meets World' and 'Full House' to be receiving the reboot treatment and Will Smith is said ti be producing it  .

The reboot is in' early stages' and will focus on a present day family

'According to multiple sources, Smith’s production shingle, Overbrook Entertainment, is in the very early stages of developing a present-day family comedy that puts a new spin on the fish-out-of-water tale while maintaining the spirit of Fresh Prince. (An official longline is still being hammered out.)I’m told a pitch is being finalized now and Overbrook will begin shopping it around in the coming weeks. Smith would serve as an EP alongside his Overbrook producing partners James Lassiter, Caleeb Pinkett and Jada Pinkett-Smith.'


Friday, August 7, 2015

TV NEWS: 'Empire' Season 2 Trailer + Cookie Lyon Spin-Off In The Works?

Photo/ Youtube

 'Empire' Season 2 Trialer

FOX has released a 1 minute trailer for 'Empire' season 2 which premieres on September 23rd. The trailer shows Lucious Lyon in prison and the family is trying to get him out of CEO. There is also going to be a rival between Jamel and Hakeem.

The creator Lee Daniels also reports that an empire spin-off might be in the works which  surrounds a  young Cookie Lyon and her family/

TV line reports

"Daniels elaborated that the spin-off would be a quasi-prequel that delves into Cookie’s upbringing in North Philadelphia. “Here Cookie is now, but how did she get to where she’s at right now?” he shared. “Let’s go back and understand her mother, her sisters…. Let’s understand the makings of her…  It’d be like a prequel.”

Friday, July 24, 2015

TV NEWS: Model Naomi Campbell Joins 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Cast

 Naomi Campbell Joins AHS

It has been announced that model Naomi Campbell will joining the season 5 cast of 'American Horror Story: Hotel which also stars Lady Gaga. Her character will be an arch enemy to Lady Gaga's character. Her scenes begins filming next week. 

She recently appeared on the last season of 'Empire'

Saturday, July 18, 2015

TV NEWS: 'Full House' Cast Begins Filming 'Fuller House' On Netflix

'Fuller House' Cast Shares Script

It looks like the cast of 'Full House' minus the Olsen twins will begin filming the ' Fuller House' series soon which is set to debut on Netflix next year. The cast shared pics of the script for episode  one which is titled "Our Very First Show, Again" which said to the reunion episode.

Photo/ Instagram

Photo/ Instagram

It also been confirmed that Scott Weinger who played Steve (DJ's boyfriend) will be back for the new series.

Monday, July 13, 2015

TV NEWS: 'All That' Star Kel Mitchell Is Returning To Nickelodeon In New TV Show

Kel Mitchell Returning To Nickelodeon

The 90's trend still continues! Nickelodeon is bringing back one its 90s stars, Kel Mitchell!. Kel is best known for being castmember on All That, along with Keanan Thompson who both got their own Kenan and Kel. it has been reported that Kel is returning to the network for a TV show called Game shakers which is about him as a rapper superstar name Double G starting a gaming company. The show will be produced by the Dan Schneider who is the same producer who created other Nickelodeon shows like iCarly, Victorous and of course All That and Keanan and Kel.

Kel Mitchell Game Shakers 
Photo/ Nickelodeon

Dan Scheider tells how he got Kel to do the project. 

"A couple of years ago I was writing an episode of ‘Sam & Cat.’ There was a guest star role for an eccentric rap artist and business mogul, named Peezy B. When I was telling Ariana Grande (who starred in ‘Sam & Cat’) about the episode and the role of the rap mogul, I mentioned the idea of Kel Mitchel playing the part.  Ariana got crazy excited. I didn’t realize she was such a huge Kel Mitchell fan…Kel played the role and he was brilliantly funny. Then, a year or so later, when I was creating my new show, ‘Game Shakers,’ there was a similar role for a regular character named Double G. I asked Kel if he’d be into the idea of doing a weekly television series, playing this crazy, fun, big character. And now, it’s happening."


Friday, July 10, 2015

TV NEWS: 'Hit the Floor' Season 3 Has Been Pushed Back To Early 2016

Season 3 Pushed Back

Many folks have been wondering what is going on with the 'Hit The Floor' The show was renewed for a 3rd season since last and the show was supposed to be airing on VH1 since it's a summer show. Well, it looks like we will have to wait the 3rd season a little bit longer. Some of of the castmembers have confirmed on their instagram pages the show will now air 'early 2016'

Rumor has it that season 3 script is being rewritten.

This past December, the show lost one of its castmembers, Stephanie Mosely who was murdered by her boyfriend.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TV News: Shonda Rhimes's Newest ABC TV Show Debuts this Fall

Shonda Rhimes' New TV Show

TV: Shonda Rhimes will be taking ABC on Thursdays this fall. She already has two hit ABC shows which are Greys Ananomy and Scandal and now she will ahve another new TV show premiering this fall. 

The show is called How To Get Away With Murder and it stars Viola Davis  who plays a professor. 

Here is a preview. The show will air Thursdays at 10PM. Scandal moves to 9PM.

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