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Saturday, January 17, 2015

'Mob Wives' Star Ramona Rizzo Was Hospitalized After Getting Hit By A Car

Ramona Rizzo Hit By A Car

Ex 'Mob Wives' star Ramona Rizzo was hospitalized for a few days after being struck a by car. TMZ reports that she was by a smart car while walking on a sidewalk in NYC late Tuesday night.

She post a pic of herself bedridden on Instagram saying she hops the police finds the man who did this

Flashback Friday ... 😩...last nite laid up in bed .... Gonna try to get out 2mrw .... Hit n runs R no jokes & I seriously hope the police find the person who did this ‼️Thank u again 4 all the 💞 & Support😘... ❌⭕️❌⭕️#smalleyes#perkshadmelike #hairhigh #stillbored

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Mob Wives' Producer Jennifer Graziano Says Former Cast Members Wanted More Money

Reality:  Renee's sister , Jennifer Graziano, who is one of the producers and the creator  of Mob Wives is speaking out about the casting changes and why the former castmembers were not on season 4. A lot of fans assume that Natalie and Alicia were replacing the old castmembers. 

Jennifer did an interview with Buzz Feed TV and says that Carla, Ramona, Karen and even Love did not show for season 4 because they were not happy with their contracts. Apparently, Jennifer says that they wanted to get paid more money for season 4 and VH1 would not do it. She called Karen multiple times telling her about filming season 4, but she never showed.

She also discusses the Drita spin off show and says that it might possibly happen. 

Watch the interview


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mob Wives' Star Ramona Rizzo Involved In Robbery

Ramona Tweets About Robbery

Reality News:  Ex Mob Wives star Ramona Rizzo was involved in a robbery recently.  According to NYpost she ordered thugs to abduct a man name Shonte Gibson. She gave him 10,000 cash to book blocks of hotel rooms for the NBA all star game intending tot hen book the rooms at a massive profit. She was furious with him when he did not return the cash to her.

He told police she started yelling at him and threatened to kill him and his family. He was punched in the face by one of the thugs and also took his gold rolex watch watch and $1,600 of the money.

She tweeted about it

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ramona Speaks On Why She, Karen and Carla Quit 'Mob Wives'

Why She Quit 'Mob Wives'

Reality News: It's pretty much confirmed now that Ramona, Carla and Karen won't appear on 4th season of 'Mob Wives' leaving only Renee, drita and Big Ang and so far two new cast members.

Well, Ramona is finally speaking out on why she, Karen, and Carla quit the show.  She was at New York fashion week and exclusively spoke to She basically says that she fad a feeling  that producers of the show were to stir up tension among the cast members for ratings, also; adding a lot of lies were told.

 "I like to get paid, and they don’t want to pay. That’s one of the issues, yeah,” adding that Karen and Carla wouldn't be returning either.  Ramona then goes on to insinuate that the producers of Mob Wives weren't always truthful with the ladies behind the scenes, and I get the feeling they were trying to stir up craziness 

, “I don’t feel I was forced, I felt like I was lied to behind the scenes. I was told a lot of lies, and then when me and the girls got together, it wasn’t true.”

Sunday, August 18, 2013

'Mob Wives' Season 4 Premieres December 2013 + Ramona's Fiance Gets 15 Years For Drug Trafficking

Ramona's Fiance Gets 15 Years

Reality News: I got some 'Mob Wives' news for today. First off, it seems Ramona's storyline for season 4 is her fiance, Joe Sclafani, getting 15 years for a drug trafficking operation. This is the dude she was secretly engaged to last season and Karen wasn't too happy about it.  It looks like now, her wedding is put on hold.

According to NYpost she was in court when he was sentenced.  He offered an apology to the judge for what he did. But the only reason why is only getting 15 years is because of his age. 

"I showed no consideration to my family," he said. "It was just selfish. My fiance entrusted her children to me. I disappointed my son...I'm 47 and I'm still letting people down."

and speaking of season 4. Jennifer Graziano has confirmed on twitter that the fourth season of the show will premiere December 2013. 

There has been rumors though that Carla might not return this season but this has not been officially confirmed yet. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mob Wives' Ramona Rizzo Discusses Her Beef With Carla and Shares Her Thoughts On Love

Ramona Talks Her Beef With Carla

Ramona Rizzo appeared on Blogtalkradio's #Haveaseat and she spilled some tea on the drama between Carla and Love and also explained HER beef with her. She says that Carla has been talking crap about her family and that is why she and Karen immediately went in on her at the reunion. She also says the reunion show took five hours and everything was building up between them. She also confirmed Carla did called the cops and tried file a case when the fight happened with Love. Lastly, she says Carla has done hateful things on set.  So basically, she is team Love.  She also did not like how Carla went after Renee when held that butter knife and called her a junkie.

She says that she is most likely will return for season 4 which already has been confirmed and explain that the reason why she and Big Ang are not the credits is because VH1 does not want to spend their money. 

Listen to interview:

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