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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

'Mob Wives' Creator Jennifer Graziano Says A Talk Show Was Planned For Big Ang

 Jennifer Talks Big Ang and Drita Drama

It's been now a month since Mob Wives star Angel 'Big Ang Raiola passed away from stage four lung and brain cancer and now Mob Wives creator and Renee;s sister Jennifer Graziano has revealed  in a new interview that Big Ang had more TV projects in the works before she got sick. She revealed that she wa sworking to produce a talk show for Big Ang, including a scripted TV show. But she also hinted that we will be seeing more of the other women soon.

 "I was working on a talk show with Ang, and we were looking for that to be her next spinoff. We were also working on a scripted show centered around Ang that isn't going to happen, unfortunately. But I got a few things in the works with some of the women. Nothing in stone yet but we're still developing."

She also touched the drama with Drita and dismisses rumors that the producers tried to keep Big Ang away from her while filming the reunion show 

 "I do want to dispel any rumors that we were trying to keep Drita from Ang. That wasn't true at all. It was not about keeping them away from each other, it was about keeping Ang away from the drama. Also we wanted Ang and Renee in the same segment because they had issues to resolve."

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Mob Wives' Producer Jennifer Graziano Says Former Cast Members Wanted More Money

Reality:  Renee's sister , Jennifer Graziano, who is one of the producers and the creator  of Mob Wives is speaking out about the casting changes and why the former castmembers were not on season 4. A lot of fans assume that Natalie and Alicia were replacing the old castmembers. 

Jennifer did an interview with Buzz Feed TV and says that Carla, Ramona, Karen and even Love did not show for season 4 because they were not happy with their contracts. Apparently, Jennifer says that they wanted to get paid more money for season 4 and VH1 would not do it. She called Karen multiple times telling her about filming season 4, but she never showed.

She also discusses the Drita spin off show and says that it might possibly happen. 

Watch the interview


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jennifer Graziano Hints There Will Be A 4th Season Of 'Mob Wives'

Jennifer Graziano, who is Renee's sister and also the mastermind behind show has hinted on twitter that Mob Wives will have a 4th season despite the rumors fans have heard that the show was done.

She tweets to a fan "All Will Be Well" after a fan tweeted her rumors that show was over.

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