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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Real talks about his new reality show


Here is a video of VH1 star Real. He talks about I Love New York, Real Chance of love and he also talks about his new reality show. He introduces us to his wife and son.

The It Girlz Official Photoshoot


Here is the official photoshoot of The It Girlz starring For The Love Of Ray- season 1 contstants Stilts, Lil Hood, Naturalle and Cashmere

White Party at Les Deux

Lil Hood and Stilts with Joe from Megan Wants A Millionaire

Rumor Mill: Steve Ward getting another show?


I got a word from a source that Steve Ward will be doing another show. Possibly for VH1. The working title is called Relationship 360 with Steve Ward. I guess its another show about troubled relationships.

No offense but I am getting tired of this dude and the same concept over and over again. Tough Love Couples did not good in the ratings.  I hope it is not for VH1. 

Ochocinico: The Ultimate Catch Live Preview on Ustream


Part 1

Part 2

Chad Ochocinco was on Ustream giving us a preview of his new VH1 dating show Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch. In case you missed it last night here are the videos.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Liza Minnelli offered to be on Celebrity Rehab


Here is another Celebrity Rehab update for you. is reporting that Celebrity Rehab had their eyes on Liza Minelli to be ont he next season. However, TMZ spoke with her saying she had no interest of being on the show. On a lighter note Celebrity Rehab 4 could begin shooting this Friday.

My thoughts on Dad Camp


My thoughts on Dad Camp

I saw the premiere of Dad Camp Monday night and I did NOT like it. I was very disappointed. This show is about these pregnant women whose husbands act immature and they do not act like men. Does this sound familiar to you? This show is a Tool Academy rip off. It almost has the same concept.

When I first heard they were going to do this show, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. The premiere was boring and it was too serious. Enough with these serious shows VH1! Please bring back the funny/entertaining shows.

I personally think that You're Cut Off and Bridal Boot Camp should have been the new Monday night line up. I cannot see Dad camp doing well. So no recaps on Dad Camp. I do not like it

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 Dad Camp Premiere: Love it or Hate it?

Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It recap


Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It Recap

So I saw the sneak peek of Bret Michaels new show Life As I Know that aired on Monday night on VH1. Here is my thoughts on it.

I enjoyed it! just like with Celebrity Apprentice,  this show , shows a different side to Bret Michaels. Before Celebrity Apprentice and before his health issues , I thought Bret Michaels was this man whore from Rock of love. I now have a different view on Bret Michaels now he has been through a lot. This show was eally good, this show is about his girlfriend name Christi who pretty and his two daughters Rain and Georgia. He seems like he is REALLY good father to his daughters. 

Christi wants to make it work with him also so this show seems really interesting. This show officially starts in the fall.

Tough Love Couples: Wedding Special Recap


Tough Love Couples: Wedding Special Recap

Here is what went down on Tough Love Couples: Wedding Special that aired Monday night. This episode was after the the bootcamp. Two couples agreed to get married and those two couples were Dennis and Simone  / Mario and Christina. All the other couples except for Larry and Heather showed up to support them. Ryan and Axelle returned returned and they revealed they were not together anymore. Courtney changed her hair color. Her looked darker and she looked way better.

The guys had a bachelor party and the girls had a bachelorette party.  Dustin revealed to Steve and JoAnn that he wanted to purpose to Courtney.  He thinks it is the right time and so he purposes to her and she said yes! 

The first couple to get married were Dennis and Simone and their vows were beautiful , then Mario began to have second thought about getting married but the end he married Christina. At The end the two newlyweds got two surprises from Steve. Their honeymoon was going to be in Hawaii and they received 10,000 to start off their lives.

The finale was pretty good if there is going to be another season I hope they go back to the single ladies. They need to go back to their old roots.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Celebrity Rehab 4 postponed

Share has been reported that the upcoming season of celebrity rehab which was supposed to be shooting today has been postponed. They couldn't cast big celebrities for the upconing season. So far they only signed 3 celebrities. They offered Lindsay Lohan 1 million dollars to join the cast but she turned it down.

I say bring back I Love Money!

Live Preview of Ochocino: The Ultimate Catch

Share has announced they will be showing a live preview of Chad Ochocinco's new VH1 dating show called Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch on his Ustream channel on June 2nd at 11:PM.

Basketball Wife Suzie arrested during reunion taping


Over the weekend has reported that Basketball Wife Suzie was arrested the reunion taping of the show. It started when they had surprise guest on the reunion which  was Sandra the chick she threw a drink at. Suzie was pissed off that she was there, she storm out and returned with a huge bucket of water to pour it down at her. Then she slipped because of the water and the audience gasped . Suzie was taken out from the se tfor questioning by the police.  Sandra now wanted to charge her for assault.

The reunion airs Sunday June 20th.

Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business Episode 8 Recap


Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business - Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 of Brandy and ray-J A family Business aired Sunday night on VH1. Here is what went down. The episode started off wit Ray-J, had an idea to let Shorty Mac rap in one of his tracks. Shorty Mac liked the idea and agreed to it.

Meanwhile, Brandy's publicist came and said she should do a TV and a written interview talking the car accident she was involved in back in 2006. He said it would bring closure if she talked about it. but Brandy disagreed. She did not want to talk about it  and felt very uncomfortable talking about it. 

Ray-J and Shorty Mac went to the recoding studio to do the track which was called "Bad Girls" Shorty Mac did the track but Ray-J's producer Wack, did like the fact that Shorty Mac was doing the track. He wanted someone who was relevant to do the track and that put Ray-J in a tough situation because he had to tell Shorty Mac that he was cut off the track.

Sonja wanted to talk to Brandy about the accident she wants Brandy to do it to bring closure but Brandy disagrees and says "no one would forgive me" and she started crying. Ray-J told Shorty Mac that the was cut off the track and he understood and took it pretty well. Brandy wanted to talk to Ray-J at a cafe about the what she should do. Should she speak about the accident or shouldn't. At first Ray-J said no but then he changed his mind and said yes jus to let everyone know the truth.

On the last scene of the episode Brandy made her choice and told her mom that she wants does not want to talk about the accident.. not yet. She feels like she isn't ready and Sonja respected her wishes.

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