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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrity Rehab lacking celebrities for season 4

Share is reporting that VH1 is having a hard time casting new celebrities for Season 4 of Celebrity Rehab. They tried to find A, B and even C listers but of them were interested. Lindsay Lohan was one of their picks for the next season but she turned them down. They have not signed anyone yet, the extended the deadline to Wednesday.

If there is no cast, there is no show

Sneak Peak of Scream Queens 2 Cast

Share has revealed a sneak peek of the Scream Queens 2 cast which will be premiered on August 9th on VH1.

Here are a few pics.

You can see the rest of the pics on

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bret Michaels returning to VH1 in a show called "Life As We Know It"


Making to final two on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice and  battling his life after suffering a brain hemmerhage. Bret Michaels is returning to VH1 in his 4th reality show called "Life As I Know It" which will be about his life. The show will premiere in the fall but VH1 will air a special preview of the show on May 31st during the premiere of Dad Camp.

Article below from

VH1, 51 Minds and Bret Michaels are teaming up again for the new docu- series Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, giving viewers an insider’s look at Bret’s home life when he isn’t touring, shooting, partying and rocking out. After the lights have dimmed on stage and the music stops for the night, Bret rolls off the tour bus right into the loving arms of his daughters Raine and Jorja, who affectionately refer to him as “Poppa Rocka.”  The half-hour special will premiere Memorial Day, Monday, May 31st at 10PM ET/PT followed by the series premiere of Dad Camp at 10:30PM ET/PT.  The series Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It is tentatively scheduled to premiere in Fall 2010.
“After Bret’s recent appendectomy and life-threatening brain hemorrhage, we’re so happy that he is on the road to recovery and coming back to VH1 in Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Production. “Bret is family to us and has always been a huge hit on the network, headlining several series and specials that have garnered record-breaking ratings and made a strong connection with our audience.  We have temporarily halted production on the series with Bret’s health as our primary concern.  Production will resume when it is cleared by his doctors.  If anyone can fight off illness and get back on his feet, it’s Bret. But in the meantime, in response to the flood of well wishes the network has received from Bret’s fans, we’d like to celebrate Bret’s recovery with this sneak peek special featuring the next chapter in Bret’s story on VH1.  It’s a never-before-seen look into Bret’s family life — the real center of his world from which he draws his unsinkable strength.”
In this first-look special and the forthcoming series, viewers will not only get a taste of Bret’s life on the road, but for the first time ever, a look at his home life, a sprawling compound where his daughters and their mother, Kristi Gibson, reside.  But raising two little girls and being a rock icon don’t always go hand-in-hand. Now fans get to take a peek at what keeps Bret going.  Is it the hoards of wild fans, the glory of super stardom, or is it the unconditional love from his family? Watch as Bret juggles life on the road, his career, raising two kids and managing his on again off again relationship with their beautiful mom, Kristi. Tune in Memorial Day night for a first-look sneak peek into the next chapter of Bret’s life.

You're Cut Off- Meet The Spoiled Rich Girls


You're Cut Off is a new VH1 show that will be premiering on Wednesday June 9th. It's about these lazy spoiled rich girls. All they do is get pampered, party , and shop. Well their folks has enough with them and now they are cut off completely. Laura Baron will help these spoiled brats and teach them to reach their path to emancipation. 

Meet The Girls:








Read more about these girls on

Basketball Wives and What Chilli Wants (Episode 5 Recaps)


Basketball Wives (Episode 5 Recap)

Episode 5 aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened on this episode. Gloria had a discussion with her sister about the other girls and what they have been saying about her sister. Gloria reveals that she does not want to be like any of the other girls and she does not like Suzie and Royce. Royce asked Jennifer if she and the other girls would interested feeding the homeless. Jennifer said she was opened to doing it but not sure how the other girls would react. Well most of them said yes to the offer but Evelyn (being very paranoid) thinks that Royce is cooking up a scheme by inviting them to feed the homeless, which I don't understand.

Meanwhile Evelyn wanted to find out once and for all who is been sending her nasty text messages about her and her daughter , we will found out who it is on next weeks episode. Jennifer was having an upcoming charity event for Haiti. Everyone showed and everyone was shocked when they saw Evelyn with a 22 year old man which was her date. His name was Stefen. During the charity event Evelyn got wasted SMH  and went to the mens bathroom to throw up... um okay.

Next week the catfights come back.

What Chilli Wants (Episode 5 Recap)

Episode 5 aired last night on VH1. After last weeks therapy episode. Chilli went back into dating. Tionna set a meeting with Chilli's friends and she wanted them to mingle with some guys to see who is right for Chilli. The first guy she set her up with was a model. They went on bike ride. Chilli found he was with a girl for four girlfriend but he never claimed that she was his girlfriend. Chilli did not like that, she said she wants a guy who is committed and wants to go deeper.

Then, Chilli , Tionna and her friends had like a speed dating kinda thing to mingle with guys. They had a stupid push up contest and there was a white guy name Bill who Chilli liked. He was the only one who gave her compliment as well. Tionna also set Chilli with a farmer. He had a business in farming and Chilli was impressed with the date.

next Tionna blows up at Chilli..again

Brandy and Ray-J : A Family Business (Episode 5 recap)


Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business (Episode 5 Recap)

Episode 5 aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened on this episode. They had meeting about their upcoming albums. Brandy revealed that Will.I.Am was interested working with her on her album. Ray-J and Ryan had lunch before the meeting to discuss about his album. In the meeting drama once again corrupted this time it was between Brandy and Ray-J. Brandy feels like Ray-J only cares about his himself and thinks that this business is all about him.

Brandy also got into it with her manager Ryan saying that she always being put in the back burner and that Ryan only cares about Ray-J's career.  Meanwhile Willie was concerned that Sonja is doing too much in her work and he feels like she needs to slow down a bit which caused her to almost faint. After the drama between Brandy and Ray-J, they both made up. Brandy told her brother that she doesn't want to be in a sibling competition with him.  They both agree to work on their albums.

Brandy met up with Nephew which is her producer. She recorded some songs which turned out to be successful. All of a sudden Ryan showed up and Brandy was not happy to see him after the drama they had earlier. Ray-J met up with Rodney Jerkins and recored some songs for his album which he revealed will be called "Round Of Applause"

Willie wanted to give Sonya a surprise, so he took her to dinner and he dedicated a  song to her, which was sweet. She began to felt guilty for always putting up a wall and she began to cry as well.

This episode was ok in my opinion. It wasn't one of the best of the season. Next week's episode  Brandy celebrates her 31st birthday.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Poll: Should VH1 make up for the I Love Money Canceled Seasons?


Due to Ryan Jenkins being a suspect in his wife's murder and his own suicide, VH1 announced that I Love Money 3 was goign to be canceled. On April of 2010 it was also announced that I Love Money 4 would also won't make it on air causing them to lose a lot of money. So this months poll is should VH1 make up for those lost seasons and re-tape or film new seasons of the show? Do you guys believe that VH1 owes us fans for I Love Money?



We Want I Love Money 5 + 6
Click Here

VH1 DO NOT Cancel I Love Money
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VH1 Star Birthdays: Jamie Ross


Happy To Jamiee

Jamiee appeared on Rock Of Love Bus for the half of the season. She made it to 3rd place on the show.

Pics of The It Girlz Show


The girls from for the love of ray j season 1 are looking for love on their new show The It Girlz. Cashmere, Naturalle and Lil hood are looking for love on episode one of the new show put together by co star Stilts. It is rumored the girls are already paired off but currently seeking the comfort of men as their twitters stated May 6 2010. The 4 Girls will be shooting several episodes with a variety of outings, adventures and of course drama and romance.

Here are the pics:

Mz. Berry walking for AIDS Benefit in New York


Now we all know most reality stars are a bit messy and all over the place but that is not the case with Mz Berry. Mz Berry who's real name is Connie Deveaux has put together team "For The Love of Life" to participate in Aids Walk New York 2010 this sunday May 16 sponsored by Duane Reade. This is a major charity event considering the rise of HIV and Aids in America, as well as the world. We all know there is a serious amount of people living with this deadly illness in Africa, so making people aware does not just stop here in America but all around the world people need to be educated on how to prevent the disease.

Connie has made a serious impact since appearing on VH1's For The Love of Ray J 2, she has developed a large fan base along with snatching up over 20,000 followers on twitter. She has also become one of Global Grind's newest celebrity bloggers with views of over 25,000. I am almost sure being a reality star is the end for Mz Berry, expect to see a lot more of her in the near future.


All credit goes to: itsJazzyFBaby

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Crazy Danger Moment


Mediatakeout has posted a video of barefoot Danger having another crazy moment. This time she is holding a maxi pad up in the air, talking to herself. Couple of months ago she was having another crazy with I Want To Work For Diddy Star Poprah

Flavor Of Love's Sumthin now a web cam girl?

Share has confirmed that former Flavor Of Love's Sumthin is now a web cam girl. She is best known for being on the 2nd season of Flavor Of Love for pooping on herself at the elimination.

Her screename on the adult website is ThickBarbie27. Um... okay? She basically strips in front of her camera for money.

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