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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kenya Moore and Vivica A Fox Beefing On 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Vivica Calls Kenya A Trick

Reality: We all know Kenya Moore is going to bring the drama on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice which s currently shooting. Spoiler Alert! Kenya was kicked out the show, but did had beef with actress Vivica A Fox on set. 

Vivica accuses Kenya of stealing her phone and calls her a trick

It was also reported that Donald trump called Kenya Moore "the most evil woman" he has ever met. Damn Kenya what did you do this time? 

Meet the Cast Of Oxygen's 'Sisterhood Of Hip Hop"

Full Cast


Reality: Oxygen will be airing a new reality show called Sisterhood of Hip Hip which will be produced by T.I and Tiny. The show will be about five female rappers as they strive to be the best in hip hop industry.

We already know that Diamond will be part of the cast. Here is the rest of the cast

 photo SOHH5.jpg

Nyemaih Supreme

She was a back up dancer for Chris Brown and Lil Mama.

 photo SOHH4.jpg


She is Pharrell William's protege 

 photo SOHH3.jpg

Brianna Perry

Been in a music business a for a long time and has been recognized by Beyonce and Missy Elliot.

The show airs later this year

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

VIDEOS: Karen Gravano Speaks About GTA Lawsuit To Nancy Grace

"It's More Than Just Weight"

Videos: Ex Mob Wives star Karen Gravano, was on Nancy Grace last night to talk her Grand Theft Auto lawsuit and also to responds to their claims that she was "too fat" to sue and it looks like Nancy Grace is team Karen.

Watch video

Stevie J Responds To Joseline's Alleged Abuse Claims

Says She Was Hacked

Reality: Is this for another storyline and for ratings? Last night, Joseline made some alarming tweets saying thet Stavie J abused and posted pics of her popping pills

enter image description here

enter image description here


Stevie J responded in a tweet that her account was hacked. Many people speculate her ex assistant Dawn was the one who hacked her account which I would find very convenient since last night's episode Dawn exposed both of them.

What do you think? Do you think it was Joseline or do you think her account was really hacked.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Grand Theft Auto V Makers Responds To Karen Gravano's Lawsuit

'Too Fat To Sue'

Reality: Months Ago, former Mob Wives star ,Karan Gravo, filed a lawsuit against the Grand Theft Auto V makers claiming they used her likeness without her permission based on a female character name Antonia Bottino

TMZ reports that the character was NOT an inspiration of Karen because Karen is "fatter" than the female character and calls lawsuit BS

Apollo Nida Responds To Angela Stanton's Accusations About Him and Pheadrea

"It's All lies"

Reality:  Apollo Nida is speaking out in a new Q&A interview with 
Sister 2 Sister magazine about the accusations Angela Stanton made in her book "Housewives". She claims that him and Pheadrea were involved  in a criminal enterprise before they both joined Real Housewives Of Atlanta

She’s never been indicted with me; she’s never been indicted with Phaedra; she’s never been indicted for racketeering. At the end of the day, how are you claiming that you were indicted on a federal racketeeringcharge when that’s a lie? You’re saying that you dealt with Phaedra on checks the 2nd and 3rd; that’s a lie.'
So she felt like “Oh, I don’t have any money, so let me call Phaedra,” because I knew her through Drama. “Let me call her to represent me.”
Angela’s pissed. “You m*therf*ckers are stars now. What?” At that point, she just went ballistic. She’s calling up there. So this is a situation where me and Phaedra always talk. I said to her—back then, when this was happening, I want to say 2010—”Let’s sit down and talk to her.” “No.” Phaedra, that’s how she is and that’s probably part of where we are to this point in a lot of things because sometimes in life, if you have a mate, you have to compromise. My thing was, hey, I like to attack confrontation head-on.
Right. So she puts this book out and says all this crazy stuff and just tries to, I guess, make herself famous in her own way. S#@t, I’ve been waiting on my opportunity to go to court and face that lady because I know the truth. I was the person who was there, so it’s nothing you can say that goes around me.

Erica Jean Says Saigon Manipulated Iyanla Vanzant

Reality:  Former 'Love and Hip Hop' couple Siagon and Erica Jean appeared on the season premiere of Iyanla, Fix My Life a week ago and let's just say nothing has changed


Erica Jean tells Jasmine Brand that the outcome was the opposite  of what she though it would be. She thinks that Saigon manipulated Iyanla to put all the blame on her

“I didn’t know that she had spoken to him earlier,” said Erica who felt like the interview was one-sided. “I think it was just a complete turnaround, like just roasting me the whole entire show. It was a misjustice of women going through things like this with the father of their child and have no where to go.”

“Saigon manipulated Iyanla to kinda put it all on me,” said Erica who doesn’t think Iyanla even watched an episode of their show. “This was his chance, he felt, to make himself look better. He lost a lot of fans and just a lot of people were on him. Instead of going on there and being truthful and being himself, he put on this facade of him just being this man trying to be a father with this angry woman… He took it as an opportunity to play the victim.”

Sunday, May 18, 2014

VIDEOS: Footage Of Buckeey Smashing Joseline's Friend With A Bottle

Footage Leaks Out

Videos: Remember that brawl that happened during the season 3 taping of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. This is how it got started. World Star Hip Hop eaked out footage of Shay (Buckeey) smashing Joseline's friend with a bottle causing a riot.

Watch video

VIDEOS : Jessica Simpson Reveals She Will NEVER Do Another Reality Show

Jessica Simpson Talks Reality TV Career

Celeb: Jessica Simpson, who is now fashion mogul, speaks on her reality TV past. She says that she will never do another family type reality show now that she got two kids. She speaks on The Newlyweds,which put her on the map and says that she was blessed to have done that show with then boyfriend Nick Lackey.

She also reveals she planning to make new music soon. The Newlyweds was not the only reality show she did, back in 2010, she also did a VH1 show called the Price Of Beauty, where she and two of friends traveled around the world to learn about what their beauty is in that particular culture. She was also a judge on the now cancelled Fashion Star.

Anna Benson Calls Out Stevie and Joseline For Being Phonies

"Some People Pretend To Be Rich"

Reality: Some people suspect that Stevie J and Joseline's marriage is not real and that mansion is rented. Anna Benson, who was on the short lived VH1 show 'Baseball Wives' spilled some tea on twitter. She called both of them out claiming that they stole her dishes that were supposed to be for her kids. 

Here are the tweets

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.36.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.37.00 PM

This ties on the next episode when Stevie J's ex assistant will tell Mimi that they aren't really married! Stay tune

Weekly Recap: 'Hollywood Exes' (Season 3)- Episode 2

Season 3

Hollywood Exes
Episode 2 RECAP

Thaghettoview recaps on this week's episode of Hollywood Exes' Matye and Nicole still have not made up.

Weekly Recap: 'Bad Girls Club: Chicago (Season 12)- Episode 1

Season 3

Bad Girls Club: Chicago
Episode  1 RECAP

Ashley Miller recaps on the season 12 premiere of Bad Girls Club: Chicago. we get introduced to the girls and drama pops off with Lindsey.

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