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Monday, July 5, 2010

Ochocicno: The Ultimate Catch girls revealed: Day 1

Day 1
The series premiere of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch does not start until this Sunday but before the show starts Each day during this week I will reveal SOME girls from the show. I won't reveal ALL of them 85 is just too much to reveal lol


Tiphani Abney
Tipani Abney is one of the contestants out of 85 girls that will appear on Ochocino: The Ultimate Catch. She is the CEO of and now she is competing for Chad's love. Follow her on  twitter.

Candace Rochford
Candace will be competing for his love she hails from Chicago. Follow her on twitter

April Wintle
April is a fitness trainer and owns a website called She will be competing for Chad's love. Follow her on twitter twitter

Jasmine Lennear
Jasmine Lennear is from San Franciso, California. Follow her on twitter

More girls revealed tomorrow

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lil Hood, Naturalle and Stilits talk about Bullying

Here is a video Lil Hood, Stilts, and Naturalle from For The Love Of Ray-J. They speak show they are against bullying.

You're Cut Off's Courtnee Mason blogs on

You have seen her on You're Cut Off and you can also see her on as she blogs about her her life. She reveals that she wants to work with Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise ect just to name a few celebrities.

Sh also blogs about being on the show and how You're Cut Off has changed her life. She also talks about being an actress and a model. She also looks up to Omarosa.

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Poll: Best VH1 Reunion Show Moment

From Flavor Of Love to Basketball Wives. Vh1 has had their fair share of Best VH1 reunion moments. This months poll is Best VH1 Reunion Show Moment. Which moment was the best?

Lets take a look:

 Flav Proposing to his baby mama (Flavor Of Love 3 Reunion)
At the Flavor Of Love 3 reunion Flav shocked everyone when he rejected Thing 2 and proposed to his baby mama. 

New York VS Everyone (Flavor Of Love 2 Reunion)
Favor Of Love 2 Reunion was intense when everyone wanted a piece of New York such as Buckwild, Boots and Deeishis. A shoe was thrown and Saphryi, Bootz and Buckwild were thrown out.

Cocktial calling out Ray-J for being a "playa" (For The Love Of Ray-J 2 Reunion)
At the For The Love Love Of Ray-J 2 reunion Ray-J was surprised when Cocktial showed up and she began to call him out saying he is a playa which caused a lot of drama.

Suzie pouring water at Sandra (Basketball Wives Reunion)
At the Basketball Wives Reunion Suzie was fed up with Sandra's bullshit and she pour a bucket of water at her which caused her to be thrown out and to spend a day in jail.

Heather VS Daisy (Rock Of Love 2 Reunion)

At the Rock Of Love 2 reunion when they said there won't be "no fights" Heather and Daisy went at it with each other. Heather pulled Daisy's hair. It was very intense.

Natasha beating up Kelsey (Rock Of Love Bus Reunion)
One of the mist intense fights in VH1 reunion history was on Rock Of Love Bus reunion when Kelsey called Natasha out for being a porn star, she got up and pucked Kelsey which led her to the hospital.

Sharon Osbourne attacks Megan (Rock Of Love: Charm school Reunion)
I think this has got to be the most memorable moment. At the Rock Of Love: Charm School reunion when Megan dissed Ozzy Osbourne in front of Sharon. Sharon poured a drink at her and started to attack by pulling her. Sharon later got sued by Megan.

Vote Now

Poll Results: Best VH1 Dad

Bret Michaels Wins!

You guys have been voting for the best VH1 dad and you guys agree that Bret Michaels is the best VH1 dad with 55% of your votes. Hulk Hogan came second with 40%.

Bret Michaels in talks with American Idol Producers

Rumors have been going on that Bret Michaels might be replacing Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol. Well according to Bret Michaels is in talks with the American Idol producers about possibly becoming the next judge.

"He tells, "We have a meeting in L.A. in a couple weeks and we're going to sit down and talk. They did a poll and I think it wasMadonna, P. Diddy, Howard Stern and myself, and I took 50 percent or 60 percent of the vote and that's tremendous. 

"I would love to be a judge on 'American Idol'. I think I would bring a lot to the table.

"I'm not built exactly like Simon Cowell, but, at the same time, I respect what he did. I would have to bring my own personality. I think if they have someone in there to try to imitate Simon, it would be a mistake; he's an original."

The OCD Project - Episode 6 Recap


The OCD Project - Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 aired last night on VH1. Here is what happened on this episode. It was one of the best episodes of the season.

Okay, so last week's episode ended with a cliffhanger when David told Kevin that was a lot more going on with than just OCD. David thinks that Kevin might have Asperger's Syndrome. So at the beginning of this epsiode David told Kevin that he should seek help someone else because he thinks this is not the right treatment for him. Kevin was REALLY pissed off about that and I kinds felt bad for him. So he told everyone that he was leaving all the other patients were shocked. He then left.

At the group meeting David did some quick exposures with each of the patients. Couple of weeks ago Jerry hold a knife on David's wrist this time he put the knife on his neck. Hid level was really low which was a good thing and said "I am not afraid anymore" He did a good job on that. He also did an exposure for Kristin. He made  everyone to touch her face since she is afraid of people of touching her face because of contamination. She freaked out when everyone touched her face and David his hands on her face for a couple of minutes, her level went down afterwards.

Kristin was not done yet. Her main exposure for the day was. She had to go a gas station and touch the gas pump which freaked her out she says that she never wants to touch the gas pump. David made her touch the gas pump, rub the gas pump all over her body and then she had to kiss it. Which to me was bizarre but she did it! Which I was surprised she normally throws tantrums on something that she doesn't want to do.

Nest were Cody and Jerry, this one was intense. Since Jerry has urges becoming a killer and Cody fearing that he will become someone else. David took them to jail! The police arrested them, they took mug shots and they had to spend the whole day inside a small cell. Both of them were freaking out but they stuck it out and did it and then went home. at the house Kristin wanted to go to the jacuzzi. David said she could bt with one catch. She had to the jacuzzi with urine in it which I thought was gross. So he poured in a quarter cup of someones urine poured it in the jacuzzi. Kristin along with Cody and Jerry went took a dip into the jacuzzi.

Arine was next with her exposure. She revealed that she was more afraid of driving at night during the day. So that is what she did. David made her drive at night. She was driving solo with David on the phone talking to her. She had pass people behind her without fearing she hit them with the car. She did a pretty good job on that.

Last but not least Traci's exposure was a funeral for her son, since she was afraid of death and losing her son. She had to pick a coffin and write a eulogy for her son. She was freaking out. Then she went to the church and saw the rest of the patients sitting and the coffin with her son's picture. She was crying and thought that she could not do it. She got there read the eulogy about how it her fault why her son died because she did not do her rituals correctly once she read it her level sunk low.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Did New York got a face lift?

Do you see it? posted this picture of New York. She looks like she has some work done, possibly a face lift. It also looks like she bleached her skin. It might be the lighting though.

Work It Out- Pilot Episode Screen Shots

Now for the past couple of months I have been blogging about the show Work It Out. It stars Tool Academy season 1 winners Josh and Ashley. Their show got picked up by a major network. I was sent screen shots of the pilot episode. Based on the pics it looks really good.

New VH1 Message Board

There is a new VH1 message that just opened. Graphics were done by my blog partner Clay. Since the VH1 message board went down on members from were looking to go to another forrum. There was Reality Skanks which is now shut down. So now there is a new message board its called Famekingdom. It has a chat box, you can talk about VH1 reality shows and other reality shows as well. You can also talk about music as well.

Join Here

You can also click the affiliate link at the top of the page.

Bridal Bootcamp- Episode 5 Recap


Bridal Bootcamp- Episode 5 Recap

Episode of 5 of Bridal Bootcamp aired last night. Here is what happened. Both teams had an early workout as usual. 

This weeks challenge was Wedding Cake wrestling. Its like mud wrestling, but with wedding cake. However Tara, got a phone call from home her grandmother was REALLY sick. So she had to drop out to go home to be with her family. 

So now there were three memebers on each team. At the challenge Kacey had the opportunity to answer a question from her husband back home. If she answered the question she decideds the matchups. She got the question correctly and she paired up Amberly against Melissna, Jamie against herself and Tesha against Courtney.

So each of them wrestled  but the thing that pissed me off is that blue team were calling out nasty naes to the green team, so they can win. They were calling them bitch, fat ect which is stupid because why are you going to call them fat when you on a weight loss show?

Anyway blue team won all three rounds an they won a flower arrangement. The green team was pissed off especially Melissa who did not like the way they talked to them. So Melissa confronted them and she was pissed.  She said "don't call me a rich bitch" to Amberly. The blue team (of course) thought that they were just jealous because they lost.

the green team went to the fitting room for the third time. Melissa lost 4 lbs and she was safe from elimination. However Kacey lost only 1 lb and Courtney lost 3 lbs. Kacey and Courtney were up for elimination. Turns out Courtney got eliminated and Kacey stayed.  Even though Kacey lost the least amount of weight she is showing her dedication to the ream unlike Courtney.

Scream Queens 2- Meet The Girls

New Airdate: August 2nd

The cast is finally revealed! has posted the head shot photos of the new girls from Scream Queens 2. Now premiering August 2nd.











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